ABBA night April 12 on Channel Five

ABBA Night on UK TV's Five channel on 12 April

UK TV’s Five channel on 12 April features two new ABBA documentaries

Easter Day (Sunday 12 April 2009) is "ABBA Night" on Five:

21.00 – 22.00 The ABBA Years

ABBA Night on Five on Easter Day

ABBA Night on Five

Radio Times: "Documentary charting the story of the Swedish group who took the Eurovision Song Contest by storm in 1974 with an upbeat song called Waterloo."

Channel 5: "Documentary exploring the remarkable success of ABBA, featuring interviews with the band members, footage of tours and stage shows, digitally remastered archive footage and music from 26 of the band’s hit records. Filmed in both Sweden and London to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Mamma Mia stage production, this film is the story of chart-topping music, flamboyant outfits, successful spin-offs, marriages and break-ups – all told in ABBA’s own words."

22.00 – 23.05 Mamma Mia!: Where Did It All Go Right?

Radio Times: "Documentary about the phenomenal success of the musical Mamma Mia!, examining how three women behind the film version batled powerful individuals in Hollywood to make their dream a reality and obtain the cast they wanted."

Channel 5: "Light-hearted documentary examining the extraordinary success of Mamma Mia, the musical film and stage production that has taken the world by storm. The programme explores how the three women behind the film battled the might of Hollywood to make their dream a reality, struggling to win the cast they wanted. The documentary also tells the story of how boozy parties on location helped turn the movie into the massive success it is today."

23.05 – 00.50 ABBA the Movie

Radio Times: "Music documentary about one of the world’s most succesful pop groups. As the Swedish superstars tour Australia, performing many of their greatest hits, a Sydney disc jockey tries deseparately to secure an interview with them.


  • Sounds good! Think I’ll settle down with the TV remote control and a couple of cans of lager on Sunday night!!

  • yay y does it have 2 b so l8 though im tired lol only joking

  • It was great that most papers seemed to have the Channel 5 ABBA night as one of their highlights to watch tonight and had some great ABBA pictures.
    The ABBA years sadly was just a rehash of the Abba winners story TV show from the Mamma Mia five years anniversary with a few new shots of Mamma Mia which was featured as much as ABBA. (the entire ABBA story in 30 mins!)
    The Mamma Mia show was better but done very much in a jokey manner despite having some good clips, it did at least cover the fact that it was not seen as a sure fire hit back in 1999 and no one predicted the sucess it had.
    Great to see ABBA featured on main TV but it would be nice to see a TV show which featured ABBA alone and was not just used as a tie in promotion for Mamma Mia.
    Please to say ABBA the movie is now playing – ABBA looking and sounding at their best – bliss!

  • More or less exactly what I expected, weightless, frothy,with no unseen footage which they had claimed but entertaining.
    Unfortunately thats exactly what you expect from Channel5 but at least they do make the effort and as someone has said,,,it was nice to see ABBA on TV.
    It was simply earlier shows, chopped up, re-arranged and spliced back together again.
    Could have been sooooo much better, but it was Ch5, and so better than nothing.

  • Yes, the first programme was a bit predictable, a re-hash with the odd factual error. The second was better, at least some of it was new. But hey, I can’t knock an evening of Abba, and I even watched the film all the way through!

  • Does anyone knows if ‘Abba the movie’ will be repeated?

  • As expected, the first documentary was just a re-hash of all that has gone before, but didn’t really expect anything else.
    As for the Mamma Mia! documetary, well! I was so disappointed at the lack of content from Benny, Bjorn, Judy Craymer, Phyllida Lloyd & Catherine Johnson. And as for the voice over! I’ve always quite liked Fay Ripley, but did she scrape the bottom of the barrel with this one! It was banal, trite and I though verging on taking the p*ss at times. It seems that TV stations still haven’t learned to treat ABBA or a related project with the respect it deserves. The biggest musical in the world – the most succesful film/dvd of all time in the UK and still it was treated like a joke, with stupid dialogue. Shame. ABBA were, are, and always will be a musical phenomenon. I wonder if The Beatles or Elvis Presley would be denigrated in the same way were this "documentary" about a show based on their music.

  • I thought that the first documentary was a repeat as I am certain that I have seen it before! Please correct me if I am wrong here.

    In response to Phil’s comments, I can very much understand his disappointment with the "Mamma Mia!" documentary. Whilst I am not sure why Benny and Bjorn were not involved, I was advised that the producers of the programme were not able to get hold of Judy, Phyllida and Catherine due to their busy schedules.

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