Björn says he would let Duffy use an ABBA song

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The former ABBA star – who shot to fame when they won the Eurovision song contest in 1974 with Waterloo – would love to collaborate with the Welsh singer because he is a huge fan of her "unusual" voice.

He said: "I always listen to Duffy’s hit Mercy when I’m in the car. She’s fantastic, very unusual. I love her original sound and distinctive voice.

"If Duffy asked to use ABBA’s music and did it cleverly in the way Madonna did, I might consider agreeing to it."

Although he is a Duffy fan, the 63-year-old musician – who was previously married to his ABBA bandmate Agnetha Faltskog – doesn’t enjoy all modern music.

He explained: "I don’t like bands which are manufactured. The Beatles, who wrote their own music, are for me the ideal in terms of greatness. The band equivalent today is Coldplay."

Bjorn – who this week celebrated the 10th anniversary performance of hit musical Mamma Mia!, which is based on the pop group’s songs, in London’s West End theatre district – admits he is surprised at how popular ABBA still are.

The songwriter said: "Who would have thought the Eurovision would have led to all this?"

The Swedish quartet – which was also comprised of Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad – recently topped a list of artists fans most want to see make a comeback.

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  • I love Duffy’s music and indeed own her album,but I’m not sure if she has the right voice to sing ABBA.If she were to take Bjorn’s offer up and record a track then I think that maybe one of the earlier songs would suite her style the best. Maybe "my love my life" or "gonna sing you my love song" would work,it’s certainly an interesting concept ! Watch this space.

  • I love Duffy infact Rockferry was my favourite album of 2008. Interesting subject though… I would like her to cover

    Thats Me or I Wonder 9Departure)

  • Of course what Bjorn should have said is I love her voice and would love to write a song for her and then get busy with Benny creating one – He has said a few times now that he Likes Duffy so it should have reached her by now – has anyone heard if there’s been any feedback the other way – its possible Duffy is not a fan!

  • Find this rather pompous.
    Duffy might not want to cover an ABBA song!

  • We know Björn is not a pompous or arrogant person, especially where ABBA’s music is concerned – in fact, both guys are incredibly humble.

    Jill – don’t look at the sensationalist media headlines but see the genuine admiration Björn has for Duffy and the pleasure it would give him *if* she wanted to use one of his songs. I’m certain that sentiment is what’s really at the heart of this statement…not arrogance.

  • There’s a clarification of this whole Duffy thing from

    "Björn has corrected the stories of British press regarding Duffy.
    He says that in the fuss of MM! 10th anniversary party a jourmalist asked something about sampling and Madonna. Then in the next breath she asked is there any artiste that Björn likes., he replied that Duffy has a special sound. So Björn´s replies to two different questions has been combined. Björn says he has never heard that Duffy would be interested to sample any of the ABBA songs."

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