Brief ‘Kristina from Duvemala’ mention in the Telegraph

By Tim Walker

Although it is not quite the hoped for Mamma Mia 2 (speak for yourself, Tim!), Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson claim that they have written a worthy follow-up to Catherine Johnson’s West End hit.

The ABBA songwriting duo tell me that they want to bring Kristina from Duvemala, which has already been a hit in Sweden, to London. "We hope it will be as successful as Mamma Mia!," Ulvaeus told Mandrake at a party at the Café de Paris to mark the show’s tenth anniversary. "The music is very different though: symphonic and a bit folksy."


  • and about time . . .


  • I can’t wait. I’m really not sure it will be quite the international phenonemon that is Mamma Mia but it such an unbelievably stunning piece of musical theatre. After seeing it in Stockholm, even though I dont speak swedish, I left feeling both elated and drained from its sheer intensity.


  • I also saw it in Oslo with a blind friend. I still can’t get the music out of my head!

  • Bjorn and Benny spoke a bit about "Kristina from Duvemala" when they were on Elaine Paige’s BBC Radio 2 show last week, ie Sunday, 5th April. They are taking the musical to Broadway in September and I do hope that it comes to the West End in the not-so-distant future.

    A track from the musical entitled ‘You Have To Be There’ during Ms Paige’s show.

    For those of you who missed this show, you can visit the website at and you will then be able to find a link to previous episodes.

    Enjoy …

  • To be clear, following on from Elaine’s post above, there are no plans for Kristina to go to Broadway as such but the show in concert form will possibly be on in September 2009 at New York’s Carnegie Hall.

  • Much as I hate the idea of waiting even longer for Kristina there are echos of the battle in 1986 between Chess and Phantom of the Opera with the shadow of the new Phantom sequel Love never Dies which is due for opening later this year.
    Back in 1986 Phantoms opening over shadowed Chess to some degree and the media are likely to give Love Never Dies major coverage especially as they are planning to open it in at least three productions worldwide very quickly. Media coverage of it is likely to be at the expense of Kristina if they both opened in 2009.
    Whatever happens concert or production wise lets hope the English version of Kristina will come out on CD this year with stage productions to follow – having the CDs will let the public hear the stunning music of Kristina first will hopefully create a split between it and the expectations of people wanting another Mamma Mia type show.

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