Helen Sjöholm’s You Have To Be There given world premiere on BBC Radio

The show, which featured a lengthy interview with Benny and Björn celebrated 25 years of CHESS, 10 years of Mamma Mia! and also included Helen’s English version of Du måste finnas.

Benny stresses that the lyrics heard on the song that was broadcast are not the definitive final lyrics as they are still being worked on.

Elaine Paige on Sunday


  • stunning perormance

  • It was a wonderful moment to hear Helen Sjoholm’s You Have To Be There. These seem finished lyrics to me as they really portrayed how she felt that God wasn’t there to support her at that stage in her life. I felt moved and quite eomotional. A beautiful moment hearing the English lyrics for the first time!

  • Brilliant. Helen is *still* Kristina!

  • It’s difficult to imagine anyone but Helen in the role of Kristina and I was also moved hearing the song in english.I hope Helen performs in New York in Septemeber and they release a Kristina in concert english version cd.

  • I have listened to Helen for several years, heard many versions of You have to be there in swedish, but this tops everything. The depth, softness and feeling in her voice goes strait into my heart.
    Thanks for posting the link!

  • i was absolutely thrilled to hear her sing this in english – fantastic!!!

    thanks for the link


  • I heard this on Elaine Paige’s radio show and fell in love with Helen and the song. I listened to it at least 10 times and shared it with friends from L.A. to Florida. They too loved it.

  • I missed it! 🙁
    Has anyone tape the show?

    I would love to hear Helen singing the song in English and in great quality!

    Feel free to contact me: all_that_mark@hotmail.com

  • Yeah. Did anybody somehow save a copy of the whole interview? BBC no longer has the interview left for listening on their website.

    If anyone knows how I could get my hand on the interview, please email me at pontus_eliason[at]hotmail.com

    Thanks ^^

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhzAAs2APV4&fmt=18

    This is the song, but unfortunately, not the interview. Hopefully it makes someone happy!

  • Will they be releasing Helen’s version of the song sung in English on CD?

  • @ pxchar – Helen will be appearing in the Carnegie Hall concerts of Kristina, and the recording will be released on CD.


  • I know it’s a while ago since they released this song now but still I feel I need to comment.
    I really love this song and it means so much to me. The way Helen sings it she makes it go straight into my heart and it’s very emotional.
    Helen has just that precise timing and pace. Also the right feeling to treat this song with.
    However, the problem is if the play goes up on Broadway. What I mean is that every musical singer has this kind of ‘broadwayish’ way to sing stuff, and unfortunetly I’m afraid that’s going to happen to this song.
    There is already a clip on youtube with Kerry Ellis singing this song with this translation, and allbeit she is a great singer but she can in no way do this song justice. The feeling, the pace and the rythm just isn’t there. The song just turns in to a stereotype Broadway song, and with that it becomes almost cheesy.
    I really do hope that either Helen keeps the role as Kristina or that Bjorn and Benny are super picky and really chooses someone who really understands the meaning of this song.

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