London regional newspaper highlights Benny Andersson’s July concert

The exclusive by Dan Carrier states that "The coup of a booking was clinched by events manager Paul Maskell and will form the culmination of a week-long celebration across London of all things Swedish planned for July, celebrating the country’s taking on a six-month presidency of the European Union."

Mr. Carrier states: Benny, who along with Agnetha, Björn, and Anni-Frid won the 1974 Eurovision song contest, said: “I have heard Hampstead Heath is beautiful and I look forward to performing there.”

Sweden’s ambassador to the UK Staffan Carlsson told Camden News: “Benny is very excited to be playing. The Swedish have a long tradition of dancing outdoors and the music we dance to is perfect for this."

“We long for the light and long to go outside after all those dark winter months, so we thought a little free outdoor concert would be a great idea.” 

Mr Carlsson added: “He is going to play for at least two hours and it will be Swedish folk music with an Abba sound incorporated into it. He is quintessentially Swedish.”

For the full article, please follow the link below. 


  • Can’t wait for 4th July! Just sold my Madonna tickets for that day, because it clashes with BAO! Its going to be a very busy day in London!

    BAO at Hampsted Heath
    Madonna at O2
    London Gay Pride
    Wireless festival at Hyde Park

  • Ha ha. My Madonna tickets are going to have to go too. Sorry Madge, no comparison.

  • Yes Anthony, don,t forget Take That are at Wembley on the 4th also, fortunately I managed to swap my tickets for this event to friday 3rd!

  • Oh forgot about Take That! and its at the stadium! Busy Busy Busy!

    Yes sorry Madge, Benny come’s first! Ironically I have been a major Madonna and ABBA for the past 25+ year and now I have two events on the same day! Never thought that would happen!

    Still seeing Madge in Budapest on August 22nd, so all works out x

  • I am devastated, I knew nothing about this concert at Hampstead Heath and live just down the Road! I am mortified- he has been one of my heroes since I was a child! Devastated!

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