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As the highest-grossing film of all time in this country, it was inevitable that Mamma Mia! would excite hopes of an equally lucrative sequel. Mandrake can disclose that Björn Ulvaeus, who co-wrote the Abba songs on which the musical is based, is, however, involved in an extremely awkward dispute with his fellow producers over whether such a film should be made.

"It wouldn’t work," the Swedish musician told me bluntly at a party at the Café de Paris to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hit West End show that inspired the film. "I don’t think we would do a sequel. We have moved on to other projects now."

Ulvaeus is understood to feel that a follow-up "would be made for all the wrong reasons". A friend of the 63-year-old songwriter claims that he believes such a film would be produced only to add to the £434 million that the original has made around the world and would have no artistic justification.

He says that all the most popular songs have been used in Mamma Mia! and he is more interested in his other projects," says his pal.

Executives at Universal, the Hollywood studio, are said to be "desperate" for a sequel and Judy Craymer, one of the film’s six producers, says she is determined to persuade Ulvaeus and his fellow Abba songwriter, Benny Andersson, who composed additional music for the film, to give the go-ahead. "I am sure that Benny and Björn would do a sequel," she told me at the party in Soho. "I’m not sure they would want to wait as long, though, to make another one. We would all be 95 in that case."

She added: "It would only be for film, not a musical. Of course, who else could you want for the main part but Meryl Streep?"

Catherine Johnson, the film’s screenwriter, is also keen to repeat her success. "I would certainly be open to writing another," she told me. The pair seem to be hoping that Andersson, 62, who is more receptive to the idea, might be able to persuade his close friend to agree. "It might well work," Andersson said of the sequel.

Meryl Streep, who played Donna Sheridan, a single mother, has said she is eager to appear. "Grand Mamma Mia!" she joked. "I like it! Oh, I’m up for it – as long as you can get those fabulous boys back." Those "fabulous boys" are, of course, her dashing co-stars Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgård and Dominic Cooper.

Telegraph – Abba star in battle over film sequel


  • I guess that this is going to become the new "when will ABBA reunite"-type question that’s going to be asked of B&B and Ms Craymer, Ms Johnson and Ms Lloyd from now until the end of time.

  • If Catherin and Judy are serious right the thing and see how it looks. Maybe the boys could be persuaded if it as good as the first.

  • I agree with Björn. It would have to have artistic merit before it would/may be worthwhile, otherwise, a sequel could be tragic… I hope any of the people who would like the idea of MM2 would care to refer to the fact that most sequels tend to flop (except, for example, the first 3 Indiana Jones movies, and the original 3 three Star Wars movies). Just compare Grease with Grease 2. If they do ‘have’ to do it, it better have the humour that Meryl has in mind (ie, eg: ‘Grand Mamma Mia’). Otherwise… unless it’s really worth it, please stick to your beliefs, Björn.

  • Why compare how a 2nd ‘Mamma Mia!’ Film may
    do, to how ‘Grease 2’ did? ‘Grease 2’ had very
    weak Songs in it – that’s why it bombed. True.

    Anything in a ‘MM 2’ will have sold Millions
    on ABBA Albums. The 2 situations are 100% different. ABBA Songs are far better than anything in ‘Grease 2’.

    Also – most Musical Films do not do very well
    anyhow. ‘Mamma Mia!’ was one of those that was
    the exception. Benny & Bjorn did not even
    expect the Stage Show of ‘MM!’ to be a big
    success. Why should we take them seriously
    when they say ‘MM 2’, ‘would not work’? What
    do they know?! They did not even think that
    ‘Gold’ would be very big in 1992!

    As for coming up with great storylines for
    a ‘MM 2’. Why? The 1st Film/Stage Show has a very
    weak storyline. It was the ABBA Songs that
    carried ‘Mamma Mia!’. How sad that the people
    behind it, think the story mattered- it was garbage!

    The story is not only weak, but totally
    unimaginative too. I’m sure that a ‘MM 2’ could
    have a stronger storyline than that.

    It would not take much effort to come up
    with a better story!

    Roll on ‘MM 2’, I say! As for those who say
    that many of the Songs in ‘MM 2’, would not be
    so well known – so what? Many Musicals have
    pretty unknown Songs in them. It is only by
    going to see them that people get to know
    such Songs. ABBA’s have been Hits on ABBA Albums
    anyhow. They have already proved themselves.

  • To be honest, for the vast majority of the public Mamma Mia! had all the ABBA hits. And that was the absolute point of the musical in the first place. Although Catherine was given carte blanche to use anything from the ABBA catalogue, she very wisely chose the main hits since it was obvious that it was those that would eventually make it a success. If a new film emerged, what big hits might feature? We would very soon be picking into album tracks which, though serious ABBA fans would love, might look a bit desperate to Joe public.

    There is no mileage fo a sequal.

  • Well… One Of Us, Knowing Me, Knowing You, Ring Ring, Fernando, Thank You For The Music, Summer Night City, The Day Before You Came, Happy New Year, Head Over Heels, Under Attack, Eagle, Waterloo and So Long have all been big hits in several countries… There’s enough material to choose from.

    The story was crap, so that could easily be improved upon. I think it could work.

    A bit risky. But I don’t think ABBA Gold would stop selling if Mamma Mia! 2 bombed at the boxoffice.

  • As much as I’m in favour of stuff from abba ,abba related etc…I really think I agree with Bjorn …I mean Mamma Mia started off really simple…and took off! It also had the hits! I disagree with the person who says, well there’s still "head over heals ", "So long"etc..I got a big news flash for you…despite me liking those songs …other than Knowing Me Knowing You…They were not released,or hits…Maybe Europe…but not Canada(i’m Canadian}or U.S. On the other hand …maybe could work in a whole new way ..who knows????????????? I forgot Waterloo…Fernando…were hits ofcourse!! Even still …???!!!Time will tell!!

  • I strongly agree with Bjorn. In the end Universal is only interested in the money money money and not in the artistic revelance. Mamma Mia has been a truly wonderdul experience. And now time has come for all to move on and do something new. And there is so much more you can do with the other Abba songs then to put them in a Mamma Mia sequel.I hope Bjorn and Benny take good care of the Abba legacy.

  • I think they should go ahead with it. I would love to see "Put on Your White Sombrero", "Just Like That", and especially "I Am The City" used in the film! What a great way to introduce more ABBA music to people. They could also use some of the songs Benny & Bjorn wrote for Josefin Nilson and Gemini.

  • i would like a mamma mia the movie 2 film
    the song thay should use
    summer night city
    hole in your sole
    my love my life
    i wonder
    just a notion
    andente andente
    i’ve been waiting for you
    one of us
    thank you for the music
    knowing me knowing you
    i let the music speack
    under my sun
    the way old friends do

  • please please please please bring out mamma mia 2 as mamma mia 1 is brilliant i watch it all the time i would like mamma mia 2 to come out.


  • I would love to see a Mamma Mia sequel.
    It would be great to see Sophie and Sky have children.
    Maybe with a medical condition that would force Sophie to have a DNA test with all 3 fathers, only to find out none of them are actually her father.
    This could force Sophie and Donna to find the real father.
    A situation like this, could force a third movie.

  • I would love a Mamma Mia 2 the sequel but i would love to hear more
    Abba songs in the movie because they’re songs are based on the
    movie that’s why they call it Mamma Mia because of the Abba songs.

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