CHESS in Concert CDs and DVD for pre-order at Amazon (Updated)

The merchandisers get ready to sell you CHESS

"We are here to tell you, we are here to sell you CHESS"…on CD and DVD!

Highlights CD cover


CDs: – import editions


Thanks for the info to Jonathan and Sarah.

23 Comments on "CHESS in Concert CDs and DVD for pre-order at Amazon (Updated)"

  • Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to hear about the DVD pre-order.. Woo hoo!!!

  • Pre -order me DVD and CD…. Now i just sit and wait for june 16th to come around!!

  • Really looking forward to this release will definately preorder as soon as its available in the uk.
    Ice – I know that this is primarily a B&B website but what has happened to the story and wonderful pics of Agnetha at the opening of the designer boutique in Stockholm that you posted a few days ago. Went to share it with a friend and it had vanished!

  • Hi Anne,

    In summary, Anne, I don’t have the time to moderate the ridiculous comments left by a few people regarding the recent threads and I have removed them.

    I’m sorry for you and the vast majority of visitors to the site – but it does mean I can focus more on B&B now, which is really what I should be doing – in hindsight, I don’t even know why I put up the articles in the first place!

    (Maybe I thought everyone would appreciate them but now I know that’s not the case.)

    Anyway, let’s move on now and leave this thread to the pre-ordering of CHESS CDs and DVDs. Thanks!


  • Thanks I have just pre-ordered the Double Cd and The DVD,

    Can’t wait, exciting times ahead ABBA Japan DVD and a New English Album from Benny


  • Any news on the Chess concert coming out on Blu-ray? Be great to hear something. Blu-ray is so much sharper and the sound amazing. Were these concerts filmed in hi-def? Any news would be so appreciated.

  • Why are they ‘imports only’ at Are they not being offcially released in the UK? Maybe it’s just because it is early days …


  • Please tell me they are not only going to be available as ‘imports only’ on!

  • The CD and DVD will be released in the UK too – currently scheduled for 15 June. As soon as they are listed at Amazon, I will update this article again.

  • Thanks, Ice.

    Great site by the way.


  • They’re on now, but v expensive, so I assume priced as imports….

  • Hopefully we’ll be able to get them on direct from the UK because £25 is a bit expensive for the CD. On the CD is $21 which is only about £15 or something. So it’s a whole tenner more expensive via import!!
    I don’t want to pre-order just now because of this!

  • Double CD, Highlights and DVD all will be avialable in UK onrelease date and available from Dress Circle.

  • If the DVD is available from Dress Circle, which DVD system will it be?

  • Dress circle are now showing the DVD and CDs but also as imports – the DVD is a region 1 DVD. Is this definitely coming out in the UK? It is an outrage if not – I mean, come on, the concerts were here!!

  • Dress Circle told me the UK CDs and DVD are now coming out sometime in July but no fixed date yet. I do hope they are wrong and that they are still being released on 15th June.

  • I think downloads might be available on 15 or 16 June but yes, the physical media looks like being held up. I am awaiting confirmation of this.

    Meanwhile, Josh Groban’s site is stating 30 June for an exclusive limited edition 2CD and 1DVD set.

  • PLEASE release it as PAL region 2… 5:1, anamorphic, subtitles.. etc etc…

  • Yes I hope its released on region 2.

    Pity the downloads will be available first. But maybe the US CDs will still be out 16th June.

  • Looks like amazon uk now have uk cd release for pre order. Still quoting June 16. They give track listings. Not sure if dvd is there yet but they seem to have a placeholder entry for it.

  • Sapphie – can you post a link please? I can only see the import and a Swedish cast version DVD!


  • Lorna

    Sorry! I think I was wrong. I was browsing on my phone (!) and it looked ‘different’ to me. In fact if you go, choose UK then search for Chess In Concert, you will see what I mean – it doesn’t mention ‘Import’. Anyway, at time of writing, Amazon is as it was and I was wrong – sorry! Just ignore my previous post.

  • Sapphie – no worries. You can tell I’m just keen to get my hands on the DVD and CD as soon as possible!

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