Kristina in Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York is on

Article in the Swedish press today (May 12) with comments from Björn suggests it’s still not firmed up. Not every single ‘i’ is dotted and every single ‘t’ is crossed on the performers’ contracts but the concerts will take place. More news as soon as I can give it, I promise.

Update 18 May: NEWS FLASH: Kristina – Carnegie Hall Concerts and Cast Recording

5 Comments on "Kristina in Concert at Carnegie Hall, New York is on"

  • I have to be there…I have to.:)

    Nothing that I can see on the Carnegie Hall website yet, but seriously, I am SO freaking exciting that it’s at least semi-official.

  • Oooh, you tease! I know you’re busy. 🙂 But thanks for this — it made my Monday!

  • My wife recently attended an opera which was simulcasted live in cinemas across Chicago. She said the quality was stunning.
    This kind of process might be a perfect way to expose american ears to this stunning music. I saw the original in sweden and will never forget it. Everybody and their mother’s son will be attempting to get to Carnegie Hall to see Kristina. I’d settle for a simulacast or dvd.

  • That’s fantastic news! I’m sooooo there. Actually I really am there as I booked my flights on a special offer in the hope it does happen! I just hope the dates haven’t changed! Mx

  • I need 2 tickets …. I need 2 tickets …. I must have 2 tickets …. I HAVE TO HAVE 2 tickets …. önskar att jag måste ha två biljetter …. Tjo hoooo!

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