Kristina in Concert – tickets now on sale!

Glenn Korbel got himself along to the box office at Carnegie Hall and found that although there were people waiting, they were not queuing down the street. However, when it came to buy tickets, the amount of internet bookings meant that by the time he’d agreed with the box office assistant on a seat, the seat had gone! Glenn explained:

"How many?", the agent asked.

"Two," I said." The best you have."

"Eighth row center good enough?"

"Book it."

"O.K. That’s two for the 23rd. What’s going on?"

"A problem?"

"They’re gone," he said. "I mean…they just disappeared."

"Try again."


He stared at his monitor and then said to the woman at the next window, "Is your computer acting squirrely?"

"Squirrely, how?"

"Seats are there and then they’re not."

"Yep. Three times now."

"Must be ‘net sales… ," my guy opined. "Where were we?"

"Two. Whatever you have…"

"Eighth row again. This is soooo weird." 

Glenn was finally able to get tickets and by that time, the waiting area "became a symphony of dialects. The only common sound was ‘Kristina’–pronounced one time as ‘Creasteena’; another as ‘Chris-tyna’ and a third, simply as ‘Ahhbah’."

Carnegie Hall - photo (c) wallyg

Carnegie Hall – photo (c) wallyg

The hall is the Stern Auditorium and the concert dates are Wednesday, September 23, 2009  and Thursday, 24 September 2009. Both shows start at 8PM. The auditorium has a capacity of around 2800 people. 

Tickets range in price from $40 to $115 and are available in person from the Carnegie Hall Box Office on 57th and 7th, by calling New York 212 247 7800 or from There is a limit of 8 tickets per person via these methods.

Here’s a link to the Stern’s seating plan.

Carnegie Hall


  • I think your right Rusell will do a wonderful job, but I can understand that Maria would loved it that if Anders Ekborg had been singing there.
    He is without doubt a great singer. Unfortunally in the USA there are other rules as well. It’s very difficult for musicical stars to perform there. They want to give the first chance to their own performers. I rememeber how hard Benny and Bjorn had been fighting to get Tommy in Chess on broadway. If KFD goes ever to play in NY, I think we must not exspect Helen to play there but the concert is with her and I’m thrilled to see her there. Will be hard ever to see somebody to play Kristina. Because she is Kristina.

  • Does anyone have any inside information of how the ticket sales have been?

    I went on the Carnegie Hall website yesterday and the seat directly next to me is still available.

  • I have no idea how they went there, we sold quite a lot but we give also fans who don’t have internet a chance. At the fc the ticketsale isn’t done yet.

  • The sales are going "sneaky" well. Through the B.O. the orchestra (parquet)
    is just about sold out. For two tix, Row X is still available.

    If you look through another lens, what I suspected is happening: the brokers have moved in. My tix–eight rows dead center–cost $100 at the B.O. I know of one broker who is now charging $330 a seat for Parquet (orchestra) row 5.

    I’m guessing that if you weren’t among the faithful to this site or people, for instance, who frequent Theatermania,, or Variety
    that you’ll either soon need to bring supplemental oxygen with you to make it through the night or you’ll be hosed by a broker.

    Remember "All the President’s Men" and "Deep Throat’s" injunction to "Follow the Money… ." Just watch the brokers. They’ll tell you the score.

    Tickets for "Billy Elliot" on 9/23/09 (Row A, Orch) are going for about $325 a seat through a broker–and this is after the show took down eight Tonys.

    Enough said.

  • wow what a prices, incredible but I reme4ember well how deep the prices were for the premiere of MM in srockholm.

  • How about this?

    Last year on amazon I scored the 1996 cast recording for $39.99 + shipping.

    As of yesterday a new set was going for more than $600 (USD) and has since ben sold. Used sets (there are four left) go for about $250 (USD).

    It’s not a reach to suggest that given the hyperinflation of the cast recording as the embers of this show began to smolder beneath
    the ashes that by curtain time some tickets will be nearing $1,000–illegally, of course. (I’m pretty sure a price tag of $330 is already violating NYS law concerning reselling "in principle" but since the brokers’ OFFICES are outside of New York, the state has no jurisdiction
    on the limit of a resellers price. On the bright side, a law expired that allowed "scalpers" to run wild outside of box offices. Now they can only
    charge $2.00 over the B.O. price.

    This is good news for theatergoers who may be able to grab a ticket from a reseller who until earlier this month thought he could get two or three times fair value.

    On the other hand, the tickets from those guys could be counterfeit.

  • As a native Minnesotan who is descended of Swedish immigrants and is now living in NYC as an actor/singer… I was 4th in line and bought tickets to both nights. HOWEVER, I desperately wanted to BE IN IT!! Here are the youtube clips of me singing (in Swedish) Guldet Blev Til Sand and Ut Mot Ett Hav. How do I get heard by Benny and Bjorn?!?!
    "Guldet Blev Til Sand"
    "Ut Mot Ett Hav"

    Shad Olsen

  • Boy, do I wish I could attend one of these concerts! Both my grandmother and grandfather emigrated to Minnesota from Sweden, so the story is very near and dear to my heart. And I have absolutely fallen in love with the music, even though the CD’s I have are only in Swedish. I was lucky enough to be able to get the 3-CD set from my parents who got it as a gift from one of their foreign exchange students from Sweden. I could not find it available to purchase anymore at a price I could afford so was very lucky to be able to get it from them. Alas, I will only have to imagine how wonderful the performances will be. Living in Arizona I’m not able to afford a trip to New York, although I would loved to have visited, since I have never been there! Hopefully the concert will be a big hit and they will stage a full production in the future that I will be able to attend!

  • Shad,

    I think I saw you at Carnegie if it was the 31st–opening day.

    As to how you can be heard by Benny and Bjorn, you’ll probably have to wait for a Broadway or West End transfer and audition.

    Do you have an equity card?

    That’s critical.

    I’ll be there on the 23rd. Hope to see you, Where are you sitting?

    By the way, I found your cover very moving. Great job. I think you just could have what it takes to at least find yourself in the ensemble.

  • I just bought a ticket for the first night in row J center on the floor, which is the 9th row, I believe.

    I have never heard Kristina, but I absolutely love Chess, and I am confident that the people who wrote that brilliant piece must be trusted to be brilliant again.

    I live about 2 hours away from New York, and for all those traveling in, let me just say that it’s not as scary as some people make it out to be. It’s really quite wonderful, actually. Enjoy!

  • Hi Glenn!! Yes, I was third in line at Carnegie Hall on the first day of ticket sales. I’ll be there on both nights- even getting my mom and dad to come from Minnesota to accompany me. Not sure at the moment where my seats are located- I don’t have my tickets on me right now.

    Thanks so much for checking out my youtube clips of the Kristina songs! It was really fun taking a crack at the Swedish language (I need some Rosetta Stone or something). Anyway, yes, I am Equity and I’m determined to be in that cast when it opens on Broadway! It means a lot to me as a Swedish-Minnesotan-American and just as much as a musical lover who has been waiting for something like this to open!!

    Hope I can find you on the 23rd!


    Shad Olsen

  • I already posted this under the Louise interview, but discounts are being offered for dress circle and certain balcony seating for both nights.

    The discount code is KRIS8550 and drops the price of dress circle from $65 to $50 and the selected balcony seating from $52 to $40.

    This may persuade me to stay in the city and see the show both nights! I can deal with the nosebleed seats the second night since I’m in first tier the first.:)

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