Story Of A Heart – more information emerges (Updated with pre-order info)

Ice’s note: Summer In My Heart referred to on the ABBA site (see below) should read Story Of A Heart.

For their first UK release, say hello to The Benny Andersson Band and Story Of A Heart, a 14-track compilation of the best and most interesting musical moments from their three hit Swedish albums.

There’s Jehu, a galloping number we might call ultra-polka. The irrepressible party atmosphere of Glasgow Boogie, meanwhile, cheerfully flouts geographical borders, evoking both Celtic and Swedish music.

Benny: ‘I think all folk music is tied together one way or another, through all the years. It sounds a bit different if you go to Scotland, or Ireland, or Germany, or Holland, or Sweden. But there’s something in it – you understand why the songs are still alive. How they’ve been kept in people’s awareness.’

Nonetheless, he cheerfully adds, we shouldn’t read too much into the song’s title. He’s never been a lyric writer, and titling songs is especially difficult with instrumentals. Still, he has some help. Björn Ulvaeus is an occasional collaborator with The Benny Andersson Band. He’s supplied words (originally in Swedish, and now in English) for the Forties swing-swoon of Our Last Dance and The Stars.

And the two old creative partners also teamed up on a new, contemporary-sounding pop song, Summer In My Heart, and on a new-ish one, You Are My Man. The latter is a swaggering country-soul tune that, in its Swedish-lyric incarnation, has been a huge hit in Sweden.

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  • Ooh exciting… What’s ‘The Stars’? It reads as though that’s an English translation of one of the Swedish songs, am just trying to work out which one it could be!

  • I guess ‘The Stars’ could be ‘Skenbart’ as it was talking about movies but it’s just a guess.
    And by the way, ‘Skenbart’ has always been one of my favourites.
    Anyway, London’s concert already sounds as greeeaattt !!!
    Those who go to Sweden in June for BAO concerts might already hear a swedish version of ‘Story of a heart’… which translates as ‘Hjärtats saga’…which is another song already recorded by The Hootenanny Singers and Agnetha !!!

  • Great to hear more info about the album, now I wonder if my big favourite Det Ar Vin Anda will be on it ? Would be a shame if it wasn’t. Still really pleased to hear Glasgow Boogie & Du Ar Min Man are in . July 4th – Bring it on !

  • I just cant wait until 04/07 and am really hoping they perform Cadillac on stage even if it doesn’t make the album because whenever they do the look on Benny’s face is what its all about – total enjoyment!

  • Skenbart – aha! I think you’re right Yvon. Good thinking.

  • I’m not so sure. Skenbart’s lyrics were by Peter Dalle whereas The Stars is accredited to Bjorn?

  • Good point Anne, Peter Dalle should have been credited too. Or could it be Peter Dalle’s lyrics translated in english by Björn ?

  • We haven’t seen the album credits yet, just the media release that says Björn wrote the lyrics. It doesn’t mean that Dalle isn’t also credited.

    Disillusion was written by Fältskog/Ulvaeus, Mina ögon was written by Fältskog/Callgren with no mention of Ulvaeus.

  • But if I remember correctly, Mina ögon was not a translation of Disillusion but more like new lyrics on existing music, hence new credits.

  • And this might be the same situation. Or Dalle may also be credited. We just don’t know yet.

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