Story Of A Heart – new pop song and new album in English by The Benny Andersson Band

Another new B&B song

Another new B&B song on the way

BBC Entertainment News reports: The new (Story Of A Heart) track has been recorded by one of the group’s vocalists, Helen Sjöholm, and will sit alongside folk tunes that have previously been released in Sweden.

Björn Ulvaeus wrote Swedish lyrics for the originals, and has translated them into English for the UK release on 6 July.

‘It’s a nice prospect to be able to release music I’ve been doing for the last 10 years, which is folk oriented,’ Andersson said.

The group will also play their first English concert on Hampstead Heath on 4 July.

BBC Entertainment News – full article in which Benny talks about the new album  and the recording and releasing of 2nd To None by The Rivals.


  • Wow… more great news after yesterday’s story about "2nd Best To None". Can’t wait to hear the new song!!

  • Fantastic news. Makes the new English album an even more exciting prospect now 🙂

  • Wow… more great news after yesterday’s story about "2nd Best To None". Can’t wait to hear the new song!!

  • I’d hoped the CD would be available before the concert. Maybe they’ll be selling it at the concert.

  • Am I being stupid here, what is the difference between Benny Andersson Orchestra & Benny Anderssons Band? I have never heard of the latter! Still looking forward to the new album.

  • No, you’re not being "stupid" Gerry!

    None of has heard of ‘Benny Andersson’s Band’ before but it looks as if that’s what BAO, Benny Anderssons Orkester or Benny Andersson’s Orchestra will be marketed as for their English album.

  • A little less formal and more european but not sure what difference it will make in the UK as I think it is most likely a very limited market. However one things for sure I’ll be buying whatever they call themselves!

  • all these little releases from B&B are very exciting and I hope that all fans from around the world will be able to buy them , but I am still waiting on any news regarding the 30th anniversary release of the fab Voules Vouz! anyone know anything at all??

  • Seems a bit silly to change the name but maybe they thought nobody would know how to spell ‘Orkester’ properly!

    And ‘Benny Andersson’s Band’ shortens to ‘BAB’, which is just one letter short of ABBA!


  • As has already been noted above Benny Andersson Band can become the acronym BAB, which in English is preferable to BAO, esp in the Swedish pronunciation as "bow".

    Not to mention that BAB is subtly close to a previous band name…

  • Thanks for clearing that up for me Ice…BAB does have a certain ring to it!!

  • That’s great news. I am like a little child everytime Benny has made some new genious tapping on his piano

  • Exciting stuff! I wonder which international record company will distribute for Mono Music?

  • @Gary – that’ll be Vivendi’s Universal via Polydor.

  • BAB! Great! Should they think about inverting the first "B"?! lol

  • Just been watching BAO on Youtube and noticed that in a few clips of "Live Allsang Pa Skansen 2008" some of the band members are wearing black t-shirts with the letters BAB in white accross their chest, so maybe its not just for the English album?

  • I was incredibly priveleged to hear Benny and Bjorn’s new song "Story of a Heart" a few weeks ago — and I’m happy to report that it absolutely rocks. VERY reminiscent of ABBA at their peak; so catchy and memorable. Helen Sjöholm’s vocal is stunning. Can’t wait for the release!!!

  • This song is the Magic of ABBA

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