ABBA Museum becomes ABBA World

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the company behind the project, is confident that the new name and the new imagery will be welcomed. "ABBA is a global phenomenon and that is now reflected in both the content of the exhibition and the new name, ABBAWORLD," he said. "ABBAWORLD will make it possible for fans of all generations and from all over the world to experience the music, memories and magic of ABBA through the innovative use of technology in sound, visuals and communications."

The website will be launched this summer and it will provide visitors with an appetiser for the exhibition.

"The site will make it possible for the audience to plan their visit, to record and play back selected interactive features such as dancing, singing and performing with ABBA, and to share their visit at ABBAWORLD with friends and family in a truly unique way," said Danielsson. "We are working with some of the most talented people in the business to create a new platform for international, touring exhibitions which integrates seamlessly with the Internet."

Görel Hanser, spokesperson and business manager of ABBA, commented: "The exhibition ABBAWORLD will ensure that the legacy of ABBA will live on, for old and new generations to experience far into the future."

The ABBAWORLD exhibition will have its world premiere in Europe later this year.

Press notes:

ABBAWORLD is a unique touring exhibition filled with music, original costumes, history, images, instruments and never-before-displayed memorabilia from the group’s recording and performing heyday.

ABBAWORLD is an interactive experience featuring the latest technology in sound, visuals, multimedia and communications. It is the only exhibition of its kind, with memorabilia approved by ABBA.

Most of the items have been supplied exclusively by the quartet: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Agnetha Fältskog. 


  • Sounds like there will be a little confusion with
    Ian Cole’s ABBA World site.

  • Unfortunately, I have lost interest in this project totally – I would have orignally flown out to Sweden tomorrow for the museum opening 🙁


  • @ Gary

    This whole project is indeed turning into a bit of a badly scripted soap… Within a few months time it will probably be relaunched as ABBA Universe, into deep space that is and most likely never to be heard of again… 😉

    ABBA’s legacy will live on regardless… 🙂

  • I think we need to remember that nothing we do individually is always successful from start to finish… the same is the case for larger entities that try to organise such exhibitions, so I think we should just be patient, and if (and when) it happens, we will then be nicely surprised, and it will be worth the wait. It’s taken around 30 years for anything like this to be possible anyhow, so a few more months (years?) won’t make a big difference. Cheers.

  • I trust this project, we spoke with one of the persons on board Ingmarie and she told us that the people who are on board really love ABBA. She is aa ABBA fan her self and worked with them for years. Ingmarie is an lovely person and what more important is she stands open for idea’s. Also Gorel is suporting ABBA world and believe she would ‘t do that if she didn’t trust that it would work. Another thing is did you read anything about that you have to buy exspesive tickets. Believe they start selling them when the date is set and it is going to happen. Let’s give thes people a chance come on. It’s not the old gang, I believe in them so see you at ABBA world.

  • ABBA Museum/ABBA World who cares anymore – For goodness sake please just get "The Show" on the road! It’s great that the exhibition is touring as it will give fans who are unable to travel to Stockholm a chance to see and experience it.I am still looking forward to seeing all the stage costumes etc; but it is taking far too long. If the organisers see this then will you please consider bringing the show to Manchester England so the fans in the North are able to see it? Why should London get to host all the big shows?

  • This must be taking a lot of work to organise for each country, so really hope some more information is released very soon.
    Also I think Brighton would be a important venue for the exhibition to visit!

  • Dont keep your hopes for that it will be London, fans who were at th fanclubday heared that already from Ingemarie.
    But it will be great to see it, I can understand that every place wants to have it.
    Atleast you can be happy it opens in London.

    Big cities alway’s get teh concerts and exibitions. In Holland it is the same.
    Personly I thing London is the right place, let’s face a lot of tourisme.

  • London is not the right place for the Opening .
    For a Swedish group, i think it’s Stockholm .

  • This is the traveling one, it end with the grand finale in Stockholm. The museum will be there but it takes time to build it. In the mean while we can go and get an idea how it will be in the places where the traveling museum is going. So finaly you can go to Stockholm.

    And I agree with you there is right place for it. But I will come to London because that is not so far away.

  • Hi!
    Where can I find the calendar (countries , towns and date) of the touring tour ?

    If you have some informations , please let me know .


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