Benny donates money to feminist politician’s cause

Gudrun Schyman had spoken on the TV programme "Nordegren i P1" about problems with ballot papers for the forthcoming elections. Benny heard this and donated SEK 1million to Schyman’s cause. Swedish news agency TT reported that Schyman had complained about missing ballot slips for her party Feministiskt initiativ.

Speaking to Swedish Radio news, Andersson explained he sympathizes with party leader Gudrun Schyman and wants to help her spread her message to the voters. The donation was used for full-paged campaign adverts in several newspapers earlier this week, as Schyman now revealed.

Schyman caught Andersson’s attention when she in an interview with Swedish Radio complained about the difficulties of being a small, non-established party. According to figures calculated by Swedish Television, one out of 10 Swedish candidates in this EU election has received private campaign donations.

Benny wanted anonymity because he was so busy that he didn’t want to answer lots of questions from eager journalists…but the journalists speculated anyway, according to the newspaper.

And so, as a result, Gudrun Schyman decided to speak out and mention Benny’s name – although she was clear in the fact that she didn’t feel in any way beholdent to Benny and that the money was to be used to support technical details in the election.

Dagens Nyheter

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