CHESS in Concert: Josh Groban video interview

PBS in America, as part of its Great Performances season, will air the spectacular London concert revival of Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus’ 1986 cult musical CHESS, featuring Josh Groban, Adam Pascal  and Idina Menzel on Wednesday, June 17th at 9 p.m. ET.

Josh has recorded a new interview interspersed with clips from the show to promote the broadcast:

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  • Great clip! Can’t wait for the DVD.

  • Hi,

    I just want to point out that the local NY Metro Area PBS station, WNET/13, will be showing Chess in Concert at 8 pm ET on June 17. If you check their website, it says July 17, and there is no information on the schedule page. It is important if you are in the US that you check your local PBS station for dates and times and not rely on the Great Performances site.

  • Got the DVD on saturday

    It is fantastic – it sounds and looks great!!

    I remember the night at royal albert hall and this brought it all back!

    Idina menzell give a sensitive performance and I think sings it well for a non fan. Josh groban is fantastic. Adam pascall gets all the right notes (especially the high ones). Someone eles’s story is bueatifully sung.

    The orchestra sounds amazing. This dvd is a real treat for a fan that has ben waiting 16 years to have the full version.

    Amazing *****

  • CHESS is a wonderful musical which has stood the test of time.

  • Well I’ve no idea what’s going on. I ordered mine today – and – when I’ve gone into my account it’s showing as "Open Order – Item pre-ordered – not yet issued by supplier", so I’ll not hold my breath but will be interested to see if anyone gets it from HMV tomorrow.

  • i got my digital copy but looks like it will be a few more weeks for the cd /dvd one…..

    email this morning

    We are still putting the final touches on the Chess in Concert Limited Edition 2CD/DVD Package and wanted to let you know that the release date for this special edition 2CD/DVD has been moved from June 30th to July 21st. If you have pre-ordered this edition, please be aware that you will get your package on or around July 21st. If you have not watched the trailer yet, be sure to visit!

    The good news is that the digital pre-order portion of your order from WARNER BROS. / NONESUCH is now available for download!

  • I had never heard of "Chess", but I heard that Josh Groban would be singing in it on PBS, so I decided to put it on as background music while I did laundry. Ha! First surprise: it was actually about…chess. So, that solved the mystery of what the title could possibly refer to. Needless to say, I was hooked from the beginning, and laundry had to wait. I don’t play chess (not since I got beaten badly by a 12-year-old boy shark when I was in college) and I don’t care about chess, but I *loved* this show.

  • Saw this special for the first time last night on PBS! Fantastic! Brilliant performances! Would love to see it live right here in Houston, TX. Or on Broadway!!!!! Beauiful work!

  • Congratulations on the release of the Chess In Concert DVD/CD. Wonderful score and great lyrics! Idina Menzel was fantastic! I hope you make a revival on Broadway.

  • I saw the original cast in the London version, the original cast in the Broadway version, and would have seen the one day off broadway version of chess in the 90’s (featuring, I believe, the then unknown Josh Groban)- but was out of town that day on business. I always regretted missing Josh Groban’s performance. But today I got to see the new version, it was worth the wait. I did not think anyone could have sung "Anthem" as powerful and moving as Tommy Korberg … I was wrong. Josh was fabulous! The entire cast was wonderful! Loved the new version. Will there be another Broadway show? — One can only hope!

  • I was fortunate to be in the audience when this magnificent show was taped, and want to thank everyone involved in bringing it back to the stage!

    The DVD and PBS broadcast do a very nice job of capturing the magic of that production. Josh was magnificent, and Adam and David were brilliant as well! Bravo!

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