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  • I suspect an error in their DVD pricing!

  • I would suspect an error in the double CD pricing too – how can it be £12.99 when Amazon is £22.99? They are usually the cheapest. Hopefully its a mistake.

  • the dvd is only 1 disc – i’ve ordered it off HMV for the price that they advertised

  • ordered mine today, they say i wil;l recieve tommorow

  • Am I missing something? I thought the release was delayed?????? Should I better be getting my order in quick before they change their minds???

  • is the HMV offer of 1-Disc just highlights of the show since the Dress circle offer is 2-Disc.


  • I too have ordered from HMV the double cd for £12.99 and the dvd for £8.99 including P&P, which should both be delivered tomorrow, WOW!
    But can anyone tell me what is going on, not only did I think this release had been delayed until September but also I was expecting to pay considerably more?

  • Thanks for the info, but be warned – the listing on the HMV website seems to be for the Region 1 DVD, not Region 2. It must be an import, so beware if you don’t have a player that works with R1 discs.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned on this site.
    Any reason why the Region 2 release is delayed?

  • I pre ordered the Chess DVD through Amazon.com and I just got an email to say it has shipped. $13.99 USD plus postage to Oz.

  • @Raymond – the delay in the UK release has been covered here: http://icethesite.com/default.aspx?articleID=360

    A limited UK release is being made to specialist stores (like Dress Circle).

    The US NTSC version is playable in all regions.

    The HMV offers around CHESS in Concert are a mystery to me at this present time but I wanted to give people the chance to view them and decide whether to take a chance on placing an order.


  • Got this through as an email this morning:
    We are still putting the final touches on the Chess in Concert Limited Edition 2CD/DVD Package and wanted to let you know that the release date for this special edition 2CD/DVD has been moved from June 30th to July 21st. If you have pre-ordered this edition, please be aware that you will get your package on or around July 21st. If you have not watched the trailer yet, be sure to visit http://chess.warnerbrosrecords.com!

    The good news is that the digital pre-order portion of your order from WARNER BROS. / NONESUCH is now available for download!

  • Hi Dears,

    I pre-ordered the complete set at the Josh Grobhan Site (why this package has a region free DVD while the DVD which is available in Germany has region code 1 for the U.S., I will not understand…) and today received the MP 3 downloads for the complete Double CD. I just hear i at this moment, but I’m not that impressed. The recording sometimes sound awfull, some vocal parts sound muted and the singers sometimes "spit" in their mikes which is audible as well.
    And why Idina Mentzel is a big Broadway star is a miracle to me. Her voice sounds like Mickey Mouse (especially on "Mountain Duet") I don’t like her voice!

    But good to have another complete recording of Chess (apart from the danish cast CD)with updated orchestrations anyway…


  • HMV store in Oxford Street have the double cd @ £21 and the highlights @ £16 for sale. I couldn’t see the DVD though. the best price seems to be their online ordering.

  • Well I hope some of you have been lucky from HMV but their web site now looks even more confusing.

  • I rang up HMV today to check about their £8.99 DVD (which is now sold out). They said its definitely Region 1 only and won’t play on UK DVD players. Dress Circle said their DVD plays all regions but are sold out too. I also noticed on HMV’s site there are some new pre-orders for 6th July for the 2 CD’s so maybe these are the forthcoming UK versions.

    Suppose other people must have got caught out with pre-ordering from Amazon too.

  • Have just been listening to it (bought the ltd edition version from the Josh Groban website and the digital part of the bundle arrived today). Must say, it sounds fantastic – even Idina’s bits! LOL. Clearly, a lot of work has been done on it to get the sound in order but I wonder whether a few bits have been re-recorded too?

  • Ordered mine from HMV, no confirmation of despatch yet and the web site says waiting for more stock – due in 7 days….

  • I to received the digital version today and I like it very much! Adam Pascal is my new hero, his pity the child made a big impression on me last year and it’s great to have it now on my pc! Can’t wait for the complete package to arrive soon.

  • Phoned HMV as did not receive my order today as promised. They advised as per simon ie waiting for more stock due in 7 days but also confirmed that it is not an import that I had ordered and that it definatley should play on UK machines. It seems there is confusion all round here, so have decided not to take the chance, have cancelled my order with HMV and will try to get a copy from a more reliable source instead.
    Be interesting to here from anyone who has received a copy?

  • I can fully understand why people are feeling nervous – but the US version of the DVD is playable in all regions.


  • recieved my copy from dresscircle today, can confirm it played ok on my DVD, and it was delivered the day after the internet order put in 🙂 more expensive than HMV, but I have it!


  • Does anyone know if the DVD from Josh Groban site will be the same full concert (and region free) as being discussed here. Hoping the ‘Ltd Edn’ isn’t just a highlights DVD…?

  • I take it that the full concert DVD (so far I have seen no reference to a highlights DVD) is actually on ONE DVD, not two as seems to be reported in some quarters?

  • I had ordered with HMV but decided to cancel my order and order with CD Wow. I usually order American CDs from there so I feel much more comfortable having ordered them there now. I think HMV themselves are confused with information on the Chess DVD. If anyone remembers, up until the weekend, both Dress Circle and Amazon were saying the DVD was region 1 and have only just changed it to say that it’s region free. So the DVD available from HMV is also probably region free.

  • Back in stock at Dress Circle now; I have ordered mine. Hope it’s worth all this fuss!

  • Does anyone know if the DVD from Josh Groban site will be the same full concert (and region free) as being discussed here. Hoping the ‘Ltd Edn’ isn’t just a highlights DVD…?

  • I ordered both the double cd and dvd from the ABBF Fan Club Shop, but Helga just informed me that the release has been put back to July 8th…

  • Chess in Concert DVD and The Complete and Highlight Recording CD’s are available for immediate shipping from http://www.dresscircle.co.uk

    DVD is REGION FREE so grab your copy now!

  • I don’t believe it. Having seen the thread that the DVD was out I looked on the Dress Circle website and ordered it yesterday and it arrived today with the 2 CDs! I have watched the DVD twice already.

    I was lucky enough to go to the opening night at the RAH and was blown away by it all. I know there have been criticisms of the sound and some of the leads but on DVD it is amazing.

    I haven’t looked at it with a critical eye but through teary eyes. Watching it now they did a fantastic job of building the characters, filling in the gaps of the story to make it easier to follow and developing the tension. There were moments when I found I was holding my breath. Hearing the narrative set to music and bringing it altogether makes this, for me, the most complete and enjoyable version.

    I personally think all the cast were exceptional with Josh, Adam and Kerry all blowing me away at various points.

    Thanks to Dress Circle for making my day. Right, I’m off to listen to the CD now.


  • I agree with J_ase. Brilliant performances from all.

  • My DVD from Dress Circle arrived 2 days after ordering, on one disc, plays perfectly on 2 DVD players.

  • Got my DVD from Dress Circle which plays perfectly and its very interesting to compare it to the 1987 West End production I saw a lot. I noticed Endgame was speeded up after the introduction bit and quite a few differences in dialogue and musical arrangement in this concert. A few bits like the 1988 Broadway version. Really lovely to have the whole show on DVD at last.

  • I bought my copy of the full CD version from HMV and absolutely love it. Not so sure my flatmates are as happy as I am since I have played it whenever I’ve been in. I love to play music loudly and this is no exception. Some parts of it shake the room. It is a glorious sound. The only problem I have on my copy is that track 16 "Florence and Molokov" appears to be missing!! It’s written on the track-listing but isn’t on the recording. They seem to have stretched "1956 Budapest is Rising" across 16 and 17 somehow. I’m presuming this is the same for everyone else? If not, maybe I have a very rare cop?? lol

    Anyway, I love it and it gives Chess it’s best possible treatment and it all sounds remarkably fresh. Can’t wait for the DVD now.

  • I was hoping for a PAL format DVD. Does this seem completely unlikely?!

  • Track 16 is there. If you import it into iTunes you can clearly see it but it is only 36 seconds long (includes the bon homie line) and Budapest is Rising starts before the 36 seconds is up! ‘Florence and Molokov’ is a whole scene in the DVD (in Molokov’s room), so some editing has happened. But tracks 16, 17 and 18 are effectively the same as track 5 in the original cast recording of 1984.

    So nothing is missed here!

  • I’ve got the same problem as Anthony. I downloaded the MP3s via pre-order from Groban’s site, and there’s an error in that too: Track 16 is called "Florence and Molokov", but it’s really a mislabelled "You Want to Lose Your Only Friend?" which leads into Track 17, "1956 Budapest is Rising".

    Sapphie is right; they do start singing the "1956" line before Track 16’s 36 seconds are up, and we do get a full version of "The American and Florence/Nobody’s Side" from the concept album. But the issue here is that the real "Florence and Molokov" doesn’t seem to appear on the CD.


  • You are both right. There is a track 16 but it isn’t really the "Florence and Molokov" scene as on the DVD. The music for this scene is repeated from earlier in the show, though.

    I guess they couldn’t fit the whole of Act 1 on one CD so had to trim bits. In fact the pre-release info did suggest the CD was an ‘edited’ version. It’s not stopping me listening to it over and over and over though!

  • just got an email from HMV to say all three cd dvd and 2xcd are on the way CANT WAIT

  • I received my copy today! I’ve already watched the DVD twice and it was so worth the wait!!

  • I was in Dress Circle today. Lots of copies of the DVD and both CDs. Big signs on the DVD stating "plays in all regions" though it is NTSC.

  • Thrilled by the whole show and the single disc convenience!

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