Letter from Benny And Björn introduces Kristina to the USA…

There are sections on the show’s ‘History’, ‘Company’ (with further cast details beyond Helen Sjöholm and Russell Watson still to be announced), ‘Sights & Sounds’ (with slideshow, audio and video), ‘Press’ and ‘Contact Us’.

Benny and Björn’s letter:

Dear fans,

In author Vilhelm Moberg’s story about Kristina and Karl Oskar, they emigrate to America and live half their lives in their adopted country. Wouldn’t it be strange then, never to present the musical about them to an American audience? We think we can hear your answer to that question.

So now the time has come; on the 23rd and 24th of September there will be two concerts at Carnegie Hall in New York. It is in musical and lyrical form we choose to introduce Kristina there, the complete theatrical production hopefully to follow later.

You can read more about the concert on this website, but let us say this: it’s pure joy to present this event!

See you there!

Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus

As the letter appears on the website:
Letter from Benny and Björn introduces Kristina

Letter from Benny and Björn introduces Kristina

  • The copyright for the site is ‘Ki Chi Saga 2009’
  • The way the letter from B&B starts on the homepage is different to that of the actual letter itself, referring as it does to Kristina and Karl Oskar both living and dying in America. Reference to them dying is removed on the clickthrough version.
  • Click on The Company and there is a profile of Helen. Within it is a link to the full version of Story Of A Heart – thanks to ‘J_ase’.

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  • If you follow the link to the Kristina website and then click on The Company there is a profile of Helen. Within it is a link to THE FULL VERSION of Story of a Heart. Wow.


  • Thanks Ice,
    Love the video on the Kristina site especially seeing Helen,Benny and Bjorn performing ‘home’ in the studio.
    Not so keen on hearing the producer? talk about cutting some songs down in length and losing one song.
    I hope the concert is filmed.

  • … and everyone can now listen for free to the full version of ‘Story of a heart’ in the Helen Sjöholm section on the ‘cast’ page! To download: right-click on ‘click here’ and ‘save target as’… thank you Benny and Björn for this wonderful treat!

    It’s great!

  • From the discussion on the video clip it sounds like Aldrig is the first casualty of the shorter form of the piece. No great loss in my book, but a shame for the performer playing Ulrika.

  • Looking at the mp3 metadata of Story Of A Heart it looks like it’s the iTunes version from the forthcoming album!
    It gives ‘Spår 03’ as the title and track 3/15 as the track number.

  • ‘Home’ and ‘You Have To Be There’, as heard in the Kristina website, are still pure magic with the English lyrics. Sigh! This concert’s album and DVD are what I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on :o)

  • Great update and good to see some of the English lyrics together in the slideshow section. I have wondered for a while HOW this concert will be presented, so it’s ‘in a musical and lyrical form…’ I suspect that it will involve a little more than just standing and singing as Lars Rudolfsson is named as director of the concert. Any others have thoughts?

  • As well as ‘Aldrig’ (Never), they also mention in the video on the site cutting ‘Ett herrans underverk’. I really love both songs and having seen the stage show, they really work BUT I have faith that the cuts that are being made are for the best.

    I mean, most of us would love the full show that we’ve come to know and love from the Swedish version. However, one of the main criticisms from the New York workshop was the the piece is too long.

    What’s the point in having a workshop if the lessons aren’t acted upon? Songs have got to go and hopefully what’s left will not leave Kristina feeling decimated in any way. What am I saying? I’m sure it won’t – B&B will make damn sure of that!

    I’m open minded and full of optimism for the English version and the fact that two of my favourite songs might not make it, by the sounds of it, well, c’est la vie, I suppose!

  • Wonderfull clip, it’s always a great pleasure to hear Helen sing live. She is a truly great singer.

  • I want to see how they’re going to pull off Tänk Att Män Som Han Kan Finnas. Frankly, I wish they’d just call the thing an opera (Come on; that’s basically what it is) and leave it in Swedish. I don’t understand much of it, but I love it, nonetheless! Even so, I’ll be eager to get my hands on the CD or DVD of the English version when it comes out.

  • Just to make things clear – only a recording for CD has been mentioned officially so far.

  • The Company section now has a little more info, not yet of unannounced cast members but of B&B, Herbert Kretzmer, Lars Rudolfsson and Paul Gemignani.

  • OMG, the full-length Story of a heart makes so much more sense than the radio edit! I just love it. Thanks, J_ase!

  • Maybe a little late and not in the right section, but there is also a Kristina medley up on the site now (under Sights/Sounds).

    Basically the opening music and You Have To Be There… and Gold Can Turn To Sand! 🙂
    Any idea as to who sings this last clip? Peter J? Sounds veru beautiful, anyway.

  • Yes Nico, that’s Peter Jöback singing ‘Gold Can Turn To Sand’.

  • Thought so, thanks for answering that question, Ice! 🙂

    Does that mean there is a demo out there with some of the songs already sung in English? Would be great to hear the complete song, especially sung by Peter.

    Anyway, keep up the good work, Ice!

  • I was listening to the Swedish recording of Kristina at the weekend (again!) and continue to be stunned by how brilliant this music is and especially that B&B wrote it!

    I would, personally, find it *very* difficult to chop an hour from the proceedings!

    My question is, would we be able to influence the choice of songs? I guess it’s probably too late now but I wonder if there is any scope for us coing up with a collective opinion on the songs that should be included?

    One of my favourites is ‘Sunday in Battery Park’ …

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