Mixed news for UK CHESS in Concert fans

Instead of a smaller-type release for the UK in June, the record company want to do "a huge launch" and "something special" for the release starring Josh Groban, Idina Menzel, Adam Pascal and Marti Pellow around September.

However, they are aware that many fans are anxious to get their hands on CHESS in Concert and so, there will be products made available through some key specialist stores and websites in the UK. (I will let you know! – Ice)

The DVD is region-free, incidentally.

At the moment, I know nothing more that what I’ve written above – but rest assured that the ‘Win CHESS in Concert DVDs’ competition winners (results to be announced on June 15) will be able to get their prizes way before September!

CHESS IN Concert CD covers

CHESS In Concert CDs – UK launch planned for around September 2009


  • An unexpected turn of events….hopefully I will find a copy before September !

  • [5 messages deleted] – Please don’t use false names and fake email addresses. And please try to make your disappointment known without resorting to wild accusations. Also, to re-iterate, there will be products available in the UK before September and at the moment nobody actually knows the prices.

    I realise this news is really frustrating but please let’s try and keep calm and rational and accept that we do not know the full story.

    Thank you.


  • September? They have held on to this for over a year already so why the delay – could it have anything to do with cashing in on media attention and publicity surrounding the Kristina concerts I wonder?!!!

  • Do you by any chance know whether the original June release date still stands for the US versions and this delay only with the UK versions or is everything being put back to September?

    Cheers 🙂

  • Thank you Ice for letting us all know – and I agree with you – calm and rational indeed is the order of the day.

    We have had to be been patient so far everyone – let’s not lose sight of what it’s all about – and that is a celebration of such a fabulous score.

    Keep up the good work Ice.


  • Amazon.com still has the U.S. release on June 16th.
    NTSC region 1.

  • @Charlotte – this news is UK only.

  • An odd turn of events I guess but perhaps a bigger launch could be good for the show – I know it is a dream but could this be to build up interest in a revival? (Crosses fingers, toes, everything!!)

  • Hi.
    The people who are complaining should actually count themselves lucky. As per previous experiences, Australia tends to take even longer to get anything, if at all (especially if it is something that is not ABBA-specific). Thank goodness we have a few good import stores.
    Also, people in London are also lucky that they are getting BAO (or BAB) to visit… we aren’t going to be so lucky.
    I think we should all be thankful for the things that what we have, and for the things that we can get, especially if we have the funds to get anything at all (let alone food and a roof over our heads).
    Ice, as always, thanks for your work.

  • i think this is appalling – the DVD and CD UK release should be at the same time as the US release and because it was filmed on the UK, UK should have be the first to release this fantastic show – but i can’t understand why they have done it moved the UK release date – but i’ve already ordered the Limited Edition off of Josh Groban’s wensite and ordered the DVD and CD off of amazon.com so i should have it for my birthday.

  • It is slightly bizarre that a musical written by two Swedes and an English man, performed and filmed in London, would be released in the US first!

    I did think it a little ‘odd’ that the release date was so close to the BAB release in July – maybe there was a lack of joined up thinking somewhere. Maybe they have realised this is not ideal marketing and have spaced the releases out. If the BAB CD does well, then they will be able to really shout about the Chess stuff.

    Maybe it will be better than ever, maybe even they will broadcast on UK TV at the same time? Who knows?

    However, we will soon have the BAB CD and this latest news just means we have something to look forward to for later in the year. Meanwhile, the sun is shining and I am enjoying the delghtful 2nd BAO album on my ipod. Wonderful!

    And I agree with everyone else, Ice is doing a fantastic job with this site, let’s keep it positive – we still have the excellent original recording of Chess to enjoy!

  • well, it’s good news for Josh Groban – I’ll just order the ltd edition version from his website. Not willing to wait until Sept frankly.

  • Just a reminder to be careful buying the ltd edition – I think it will be subject to import duty won’t it as it is over ?22 – this will certainly add to the cost!

  • Disappointed of course but then September onwards is the ideal time to release things for the Xmas market so I shouldn’t be surprised. Suppose the US physical releases (possibly still out 16th June?) will do well out of this due to the delay. Good to hear what’s what though.

  • The order from the idina or Josh web site goes straight through to a WEA sale shop.
    The physical CDs, booklet, sheet music and DVD are sent to arrive with you on 30th June and an email with MP3 tracks arrives on 16th June.
    It definately end up the cheapest way to order the commercial releases at $42.00
    At least that way you have the tracks on the release date.

  • Please trust that my comment wasnt meant to be negative. After all is it not true that abscence makes the heart grow fonder and I’m sure that when this is eventually released it will be worth the wait.
    And what a year we fans have had, MM the Movie (those wonderful summer evenings and subsequent photos) MM 10th Anniversary, BAO performing live in London (with Helen and for free) and to top it all Kristina in English in NY in September. I for one am a very happy fan!

  • Hi Ice

    Thanks for this news particuarly the dvd that will be region free as I have just been looking at dvd players – so will now be able to buy an extra copy for prosperity.

  • Its a shame about the dvd being put back but maybe this will be because in Sept they will announce ‘Chess’ will be brought back to the west end?!!
    I will be in Florida on June 17th so will be sure to have a night in, to hopefully watch it! I went to both the RAH performances and it was amazing x

  • more to the point will the concept album version of Chess ever be re-mastered?!!!

  • Who cares about DVD regioning, anyway.
    I’m far more concerned about NTSC 60Hz vs PAL 50Hz issues and their effect on picture and sound.

    Lets just hope that PBS or the beeb will broadcast in HD.


    I just ordered 2CD and DVD in the US in 2 seperate shipments.

  • Yes, the point I’m most annoyed about is the lack of PAL DVD. NTSC is inferior!

  • I am not trying to be an advert for the Abba Fan Club Shop but I have just seen this on their news page:

    "Live London Chess
    The live Chess DVD/CDs, recorded at the Albert Hall last year, will be in stock soon. Please watch this space."

    I wonder how soon, ‘soon’ is?

  • @Sapphie – Hey, there’s no problem with mentioning the ABBA Fan Club Shop! (Anything to help people buy what they’re after).

    Anita, Helga and I are in co-operation on a lot of things 🙂

  • thanks for the info Ice, always glad to see you’re up to date with the latest news, even bad news lol, but at least there is a new (but short) PBS promo video up on their site to whet the appitite 🙂


  • I almost cried when I read that. Looks like I’ll be splashing out to buy the imported version. I honestly don’t think I can go any longer without it!!!

  • Hey everyone! Amazon now has 30-second samples streaming! Sounds amazing!


  • Chess in Concert is scheduled for release in South Africa on 22 June (kalahari.net) Touted as ?the smash hit musical?, no doubt due to its success on stage here last year. No mention of the CDs yet, just the DVD.

  • I’ve just received my DVD in the post this morning, thanks to the wonderful Dress Circle!

    It’s region-free, it’s 145 minutes, and it’s awesome! 🙂

  • Dress Circle still says that it’s region 1. is it really region free??

  • It plays in regions 1 – 6, Kathryn.


  • I got my Dvd from dvdworldusa.com a few days ago. It’s shipped from UK so no duty payable.
    It’s region free NTSC. Any modern dvd player and tv should have no problem playing it.

  • I just bought it from dresscircle, i live in the uk and it plays fine on my dvd and lcd tv, also plays fine threw my xbox 360.
    The ntsc dont effect it at all.

    P.S, its brilliant!

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