Sommaren du fick – Cover art


  • Very pretty but not exactly pop art, I hope for something a little more edgy in the UK if this is going to sell to the mass market

  • When is the Swedish release-date for this single? It must be imminent now that the artwork has been disclosed…

    ‘Inom kort släpps en ny singel med BAO och Helen Sjöholm – "Sommaren du fick".’

    How ‘kort’? 🙂

  • I suspect next week, Abba Fan Club Shop have it ‘comig soon’. It would be nice to be able to get it electronically from the UK but I’m not sure that will be possible?

    As for the cover, I quite like it as a picture!

  • That is right we will get it next week can’t wait hardly.A good thing Helga can bring it to me as soon as it is in. No posting need. Gerard so you know where to get it.
    Will tell you when she get it okay.

    Oh jee what a lovely summer we have so many new songs.

  • It will be a lovely summer indeed Anita, I can hardly wait…It is more I ever hoped for.

  • Oh well then I’m lucky because I just heared it, and it is beautiful. Hope they play both versions in London. Both sound wonderful but must say Sommaren du fick I like the best,but that is because I love the swedish language. And what a voice, underbart Helen.

    This is a real summerhit. The swedish newspaper Aftonblat gives gettingar and Expressen +, to say how good it is. Can we do this too Ice?

    Sommaren du fick, my revew; X X X X X

    And 5 X’s is the best you can get.

  • Anita

    Lucky you … I guess the ‘missing refrain’ from the UK radio edit raises it to a higher state of perfection?

    Do you know if the Swedish version will be available as a download from the UK? It would be wonderful if they put it on UK iTunes but somehow I doubt that will happen …

  • Sorry for the double entry above. I am wondering if the Swedish single CD has any other song on it in addition to Sommaren du fick?

  • Hej Sapphie,
    I doubt it too that it will be on Uk itunes, but you never know. I don’t have the single yet but if I get in my hands I will tell you and all the other fans on icethesite everything about it.

    Helen sounds wonderful in English but this Swedish version is oh well no words for it.
    I keep on listening to it, can’t get enouhg of it. Can’t wait till I hear it life.

  • Whilst I am so happy and excited that we are getting an english BAO album and of course after all this time Kristina in English, I agree whole heartedly with Anita. The Swedish language is beautiful to listen to (even if you don’t understand a word!) and Helen’s voice just takes on an extra magical quality . I cant wait to hear the full version of Sommaren du fick. If there is anyone who has not bought BAO or Kristina CDs because of the language, give them a go, you will be mesmerized.

  • Abba fan club website has the swedish single CD as expected availability 2nd week of june and shows it to contain :
    1) Sommaren Du Fick (5.02)
    2) Sommaren Du Fick (edit version) (4.28)

  • The shop at now lists the single with the release date as the 9th of June, which is tomorrow!

    Besides that, they’ve also included the album, mistakenly calling it "Story Of A BAND". Release date for the album is the 24th of June.
    I just wonder if this is supposed to the the Swedish version of the album, or the UK one. I guess it’s the UK version, cause the band name is Benny Andersson Band and not the Swedish name…
    And BTW: they’ve also added the cover art for the album!

  • I thought it was Swedish version of the album out 24th June, UK version 6th July.

    I can’t see this at, I must be dazzled by excitement!

  • I see it now, in the Solo Projects section.
    Confusing … If you click on the ‘large’ picture, the title is correct.

    They also mention the Chess CDs and DVDs …

  • I suspect it is the Swedish version as it is on the Mono Music label. Pity the site doesn’t give the tracklisting!

  • There is a PDF poster advertisng the new single and some upcoming concert dates and includes the cover art. It is available on the Mono Music web site ( The text is in Swedish, of course …

  • Yes the singles will be in soon i got my today.
    The artwork looks even better now that I have it here.
    It has been long ago that I played a cd single so much.

  • It’s gone very quiet in here today – does nobody have an actual copy of the Swedish single yet?

  • i do have a copy

  • Ahhh!! I wanna have a copy too…
    I’ve ordered mine already, but I have my doubts that it’ll arrive before the weekend…

    So Anita, would you mind sharing? 😉

  • It is on iTunes, Sweden. 🙂

    Not on iTunes UK, and you can’t get to the Swedish store from the UK … 🙁

  • Well, at least you can listen to 30sec of the song through iTunes Sweden.
    At least that’s something…

  • brilliant! The missing piece is just changing the whole song.

  • Just bought the single at Ahléns, Stockholm. The missing piece (starting with Helen’s great voice and just a bit of music) balances the song, very nice indeed. It features at about 3.07 into the long version of the song. In the Swedish shorter 4.28 version the piece also features – contrary to the English 4.28 version we heard on BBC radio.

  • it;s now on youtube guys….

  • Isn’t a wonderful song,Wybe?
    So you’re in stockholm, for Agnetha?

    Hope Helen will sing it in London too, o0h what the hack, she has to sing both versions please
    We will love her for that.

    countdown for London will soon start.

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