Story Of A Heart appearing at online stores (Updated)

Benny Andersson Band - Story Of A Heart - Album

Benny Andersson Band – Story Of A Heart – Album artwork

The 15 track album’s songlist is as follows (Thanks to

  1. Glasgow Boogie
  2. Trolska
  3. Story Of A Heart
  4. Bed Of Roses
  5. You Are My Man
  6. Cirkus Finemang
  7. Fait Accompli
  8. Song From The Second Floor
  9. Birthday Waltz For Mona
  10. (If This Is) Our Last Dance
  11. Jehu
  12. Tyrolean Schottische
  13. The Stars
  14. P.S
  15. Sommaren du fick* (Bonus track in Sweden)

NOTE: You can also order from Amazon Germany – Story of a Heart (Thanks Markus)


  • Can’t wait to get the single.Wonder what the extra tracks are or is it just a download?

    Is it just me or do a certain 4 letters jump out in the name of the band spelling another group on the sleeve??

    Great to hear the Ken Bruce show on bbc radio 2 have it as this weeks record of the week.He said the song has created a lot of interest and nice to hear Helen credited.

  • Serious question: IS IT REALLY SURE that the Swedish edition of the CD (On, which is a Swedish store, it says "Story of a band" ???) will contain English versions – or is it rather the collection of the Swedish Hits? Because it would make sense to get a copy of this Swedish edition containing English versions plus Sommaren du fick. Who can tell me for sure?

  • The font looks a lot like ‘News Gothic Bold’ which was used for the original ABBA logo… a deliberate coincidence? 🙂

  • The typeface is more Helvetica Condensed rather than News Gothic Bold. I think it’s a great cover, simple and stylish with a real timeless quality about it. Can’t wait to hear it. P.S. Magic FM were playing ‘Story of a Heart’ this afternoon!

  • Hi Gordon and Gerard. Yes it is Helvetica Condensed (medium and light). Cheers, Tony.

  • I like the design work… it has that relaxing natural look that could be seen on some 60s/early-70s record album covers. It looks clean and fresh.

  • Radio 2(UK)are giving it some serious airply. Was on twice yesterday and this morning with Wogan

  • Will it be release in Italy??

  • Ciao Luca! Even if 2008 has been the most successful ABBA year ever here in Italy, I’ve big doubts "Story of a heart" will be released in our country. It will probably be available through import distribution in some stores. But it’s always quite unpredictable.. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw "Lycka" or "Frida Ensam" at Milan’s Fnac..something absolutely unthinkable some years ago.. I know many of you won’t believe this..but back in 1980 there were no signs of pre Voulez Vous albums here!

  • Ohh, italian fans here… what a pleasure! Well, I agree with Andrea, 2008 was the most successful ABBA year here to date. Even if I remember their pick of success back in 1975/76 with the "ABBA" album at n. 6 in the charts….
    Anyway, who knows about the realise of "Story of a Heart" in Italy, since it seems to be a Universal realise, it could be……

  • hehehe…..I’m from Milan too..I bought Ensam and Lycka as at The FNAC in Milan as you did…so I think that maybe Story of A Heart can be avaliable as an inported CD……we will see………

  • The Swedish edition can be pre-ordered on Amazon Germany.

  • Have just seen the cover art of the UK single and love it. Whilst the Swedish version is v. v. pretty, as I’ve said somewhere before it is not cutting edge. However, the artwork for the English CD seems perfect ie big red heart on silver background all etched in ink very now but at the same time a perfect reflection of the obviously more folksy album to follow.
    Yet again, in my opinion, absolutely perfect.

  • UK pre-order at HMV for £8.99 including delivery: but don’t forget if you’re going to see Benny Andersson Band in London, you’ll stand a chance of getting it a couple of days early!

  • Ice, oh dear Ice, yes of course those of us going to Hampstead Heath will buy the English version whilst we are there but oh we all so want the Swedish version also as it has that wonderful bonus track!

  • If you’re familiar with Amazon, Ice has posted a link above where you can buy the Swedish edition from Germany. You won’t even have to enter your credit card details as it will accept you registration with or .com.

    It’ll save you registering with or similar.

  • Is the UK single cover artwork available to view online?

    Also, when is the release date for the UK *single* – is that also 6th July?

  • Just heard the (English) single on Wogan (Friday 19th, just before 9am news) and he described it as ‘unmistakenly ABBA-esque’ and ‘terrific’, ‘terrific’. He loves it!

  • Despite one of the UK’s biggest Radio Stations,
    (BBC Radio One), ignoring it, ‘Story Of A Heart’,
    entered the UK’s, (National), Airplay Chart at
    No.61 last Week, & it has now jumped 24 places,
    to No.37. One can only imagine how high it would
    already be, if Radio One were not refusing to
    play it…..

  • Thanks for the chart info Colin.

    Can you imagine where it would be if THE biggest radio station in the UK (BBC Radio Two) wasn’t playing it – or bigging it up in the way that they are?

    I think it’s doing incredibly well.

  • … and hopefully R2 will play the album a lot too. I can’t imagine them ignoring the other English versions of the vocal-based tracks on there. You Are My Man, for example …

  • In The Netherlands:, they say it’s coming out 24 juni.

  • At last some decent rythem and words old style not heard since ABBA

  • I got my copy of "Story of a heart" in the mail yesterday. Super fast to N.Z. Only 4 days. A really great album, but i have to say the artwork i think is terrible and the pic of Benny on the back sleeve is over 20 yrs old and the one used on Klinga Mina Klocker. No lyrics to the songs either. Great listening though which i suppose is the most important.

  • I also live in NZ. Whats the best way to get hold of the album from here Roger?

  • A brilliant cd. Every track is great. Sounds like the old ABBA is back. Can’t stop listening to it. Bring on the next album.

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