Benny and Helen – superb set of new pictures from London


  • What wonderful photos Stefan and Gerard – thank you so much for sharing them. I love the emotion you have captured in those fantastic photos. You’re as good at your art as Benny and Helen are at theirs 🙂

  • Wow, very nice pictures! A pity I was not there. Brings back the memories when I saw them at Sofiero in Helsingborg some years ago.

  • Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories of a very special evening I will never forget!
    Thank you S&G and thank you Ice.

  • Oh Wow! Candid and yet also beautiful. Goodness me – really fantastic. Thank you to Stefan and Gerard for sharing them with us icethesite readers.

  • Woooow! Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  • VERY nice pictures.

  • Thank you so much Stefan and Gerard for sharing your wonderful photos. And thank you to Ice for organising this slide-show on your website. Black & White photography can truly capture magnificent emotions, feeling and subtleties from a scene that is not always possible to be caught in colour. Benny and Helen look fantastic here… the quality is like one would see in a snazzy glossy coffee-table book. Congratulations for capturing such superb images. Cheers!

  • These are absolutely ace. Thank you.

  • Wow – what wonderful shots! How very talented, thank you for sharing them with us. Mx

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