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  • mmh, well, what’s the use of this page? just for promotional purposes? It probably will be forgotten within the next 12 months, I think. Nice, however…

  • UK promotion for Story Of A Heart is the name of the game Alexander!

  • So will Benny hit No 1 in the UK after the free concert and all the publicity ?

  • Ahem, after all what happened in the last few days, I believe the No 1 spot (and no 2 and no 3…)will be taken by Micael Jackson ?!

    But on Amazon UK, Story of a Heart is doing quite well since weeks on the forthcoming releases charts, amazing!!

    I don’t believe that this concert will trigger much album sales, but I dont care, I will have a wonderfull evening there anyway!


  • I really don’t care if BAB sells 10,000 cds or a million of them.

    I don’t know about you, but I no longer rely on chart positions and record sales to somehow validate my choice of whose music I love and buy.

    While I’d be thrilled if BAB DID become really popular with the general public, it wouldn’t bother me at all if they didn’t.

    Back in ABBA’s day, I was really proud when they sold a lot or got to number one. These days, though, I don’t place much importance on that kind of thing.

    I’ve matured, I suppose. I love what I love regardless of public reaction to the object of my fandom.

    (In fact, I’m sometimes proud to be in the minority these days – with BAB, it’s almost like a well-kept secret that only we Benny Andersson fans are "in on". It’s also strangely delicious to be able to count myself a member of a "select" group of fans, I think!)


  • Just noticed "Story of a Heart" album is listed for release in OZ on the 10jul at Sanity website
    @ AUS$29.99.
    Thats a little dearer but 11 days earlier than Amazon

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