Benny Andersson in impromptu pub performance!

ABBA hits regularly get an airing in the nation’s boozers on a Saturday night. But not usually from one of the men who wrote them.

So regulars in North London boozer The Queensbury, in Willesden, were left choking on their Carlsbergs when BENNY ANDERSSON turned up for a jam.

Fresh from performing with his Benny Andersson Band on nearby Hampstead Heath, the Swedish pop legend and his 15 bandmates popped in for a bite.

But they couldn’t resist playing songs including Abba classics, Deep Puple’s Smoke On The Water and songs from his new album Story Of A Heart.

Hope they thanked him for the music. (Groan – Ice!)

Thanks to Darren and Lisa for the story.

A man walks into ABBA


  • Just heard the BAB ‘single’ played by Chris Evans on Radio 2… introduced (with tongue firmly in cheek) as "the new AbbA song"! "I don’t think anyone could sue us for saying that" said Chris… and he’s probably right. Sounded like chart material to me – with the help of a few fans 🙂

  • I wonder if any concert attendees were also in the pub when Benny turned up ? What a double thrill if so – in fact, ‘Two For The Price Of One’ LOL 😉


  • Eeeeekkk!! I can’t believe it… I live nearly in front of the Queensbury, and I was in Hampstead Heath in the afternoon… sigh.. had I known…

  • I wonder if anyone got any photos? That would have been magic to be there. Oh, for any of the current BAB/BOA activities to happen in Australia (…sigh :o)

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