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  • Hi

    Great interview, nice to hear some intelligent questions for a change. Benny was right, there is no similarity between the structures of TWTIA and SOAH, he doesn’t hesitate to tell people when they’re wrong does he? He put Johnathan Ross right about SOS/MMM as well. Does it very skillfully though without putting people’s noses out of joint. Thanks for the link. There was an interview on Wave FM yesterday, here’s the link:



  • Much better BBC interview than the Jonathan Ross one and the BBC Breakfast attempt.

    Thanks for the link.

  • That was a very good interview, they played some of the folk as well, to me the song that sounds as good as but not necessarily the same structure as winner takes all is Fait du compli
    Since the concert my excitement at being there has grown as it was the first time I heard the songs, some of them sound like classics all ready,
    Interesting what he said about ABBA getting back to together and not ruling it out , that was the feeling I got from the concert.

    Glastonbury perhaps,

  • Benny is on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show today, Thursday which starts at 14:00 GMT. J_ase

  • Glastonbury??? Not a cat in Hell’s chance..

    By the way, I thought Benny rather confused when discussing an ABBA reunion. He couldn’t seem to make his mind up – would it NEVER happen (his usual reply) or COULD it happen? A new one this last month. Clever, when you have an album to push Benny – think of the headlines! The sales!

  • Benny is on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show today, Thursday which starts at 14:00 GMT. J_ase

  • I enjoyed the radio 4 interview but my favourite has to be the one this afternoon with Steve Wright.
    Benny confirmed he is attending the Hyde Park concert with BAO or BAB or "his fiddler friends" and it was nice to hear ‘Move on’ on Radio 2.
    Always been one of my fave songs.
    He keeps saying "never say never" over the ABBA reunion……hmmmmm oh well…

  • Hi

    Here’s the link to the interview:


    With regard to Benny’s curious replies to the ‘Abba reforming’ question. Do you think that he is holding out a branch to Universal regarding a Mamma Mia follow up? Possibly with original ( i.e new) music. He certainly alluded to this on the Elaine Paige interview. Isn’t he saying with SOAH, ‘I can still do this if I want to’. Just a thought.


  • Sequels can be tricky , they make money in the short term , but can become a liability in the long run as people invariably says they are not as good as the original.

    I would like to see Chess as a film.

  • Hi TonyG,
    I keep wondering over Bennys change of stance and his mysterious replies,a new recording by ABBA would be great but next year is the 40th Anniversary of Lycka and more important the 40th anniversary of ‘Hej Gamle man’
    so you never know….

  • Just listened to Benny on R2’s Front Row. What a cracking bloke. And I think the interviewer was very brave to ask as many ABBA related questions. I heard B on Steve Wright’s show this week, and here and there, when references were made to the ABBA era, I just got the impression that B was getting a bit short, abrupt, with SW. Maybe I was being overly sensitive.

    I was genuinely pleased to hear B say ‘never say never’. I think that just shows how relaxed he is about his belief that ABBA probably never will get back to gether professionally. What I would like to say to Benny, if I were ever so very lucky enough to be able to speak to him, is this:

    ‘I wouldn’t expect the four of you to get back on stage and try to pick up where you left off 30 years ago. Of course not. BUT…..I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t be able to return to the studio and record. The girls voices sound as good as ever, if their recent solo efforts have been anything to go by. Recoring material wise? Why not record the best of what you and Bjorn have wriiten since the last track you all recorded together and throw in Just Like That to put the icing on the cake.’

    Who knows ,eh?

  • There is NO reason for ABBA to reunite on stage, BUT it would be viable to get together in the studio and use the talent that is still there and entertain and give pleasure to the millions of dedicated fans who have supported them for years. Making an album to say goodbye would not be an impossible ask, nor would it challenge the points given for NOT reforming as a stage concert band
    The task could be the greatest we have seen in a long time, rewarding for all concerned.

  • Really enjoyed the Benny interview. I was also curious about the Abba part in the interview. Never say never….we are still on a break…wow, it’s only been 27 years. Whenever Bjorn and Benny are asked about Abba reforming, they always say what a disappointment it would be. They are older and not the same as they were in the 70’s. But have they forgotten we are all older and not the same. Seeing pics of them now always fills me with joy and warmth. I was only 12 when they played at Wembley, now Im 43. None of us are getting younger. If I could speak to Benny and Bjorn and the girls I would say that a tour is not needed, maybe a one off un-plugged type of event. I see them all sitting on stools with a beautiful orchestra and backing choir and playing the hits and some new tracks. And I see one final album of new material as a goodbye. It would be the most spectacular reunion and ending ever in pop. The fans should be the reason to bring Abba back one more time. If playing live (just once) is out of the question then the new album would be heaven. I dreamt for so long to hear Abba one more time and so have many others. So never say never….I hope they don’t leave it too long. We miss ABBA!!!

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