Benny interview with live BAO clips


  • So glad this amazingly talented, sincere and modest songwriter/composer is getting the recognition that is so LONG overdue. Yes, his music with Abba was incredible but, as I have tried for so many years to argue with those who were ignorant, he (and the other 3 members of Abba for that matter) had talents that were far beyond this.

    "Chess", for me, was the first big indicator of this. Then came his solo work that saw his strong folk background and passion showcased. And then, "Kristina" which surely contains the most powerful music ever written for musical theatre. I’m so excited to see the English version surfacing (mind you, even though I don’t speak a word of Swedish, I have adored the original 3CD recording) as this will further cement the brilliance of B&B. Then, of course, "Mamma Mia!" which really has helped enormously in bring Abba AND Benny & Bjorn as songwriters to the fore. Not to mention the wonderful work of BAO.

    For all those whom over the years slammed Abba as "manufactured", here is proof of the talent, a return to the "good old fashioned art of true performance" – real music (not that I EVER thought of Abba as "manufactured").

    Thanks, icethesite, for keeping us so informed regularly of events and for focussing on the music and news!

    Cheers – now, fingers crossed for an Australian release AND an Australian tour (even a on-off performance)!!

  • Well said Michael.
    A brilliant post.I couldn’t agree more.

  • Look how still the crowd is in the clip of SOAH in Sweden! WHat on earth is wrong with them? No wonder Benny looked so happy on Saturday on the Heath. The crowd there were really going for it.

  • The Album is in the UK Itunes store under "Benny Andersson Orkester" Nothing in the Australian store.First listen. Very full band and folk sound. Not overproduced. Would like a few more of Bennys keyboards, but the Accordian will do!!

  • I bought the album Story Of A Heart at JB Hi Fi in Melbourne (aust)today. They had just got the CD in.

  • Benny gives a new definition to the title Superstar. I believe he is the greatest musician/song writer of our time. I can’t wait to get a copy of "Story of a Heart". I often think about ABBA back in the studio for one last song together. What a recording industry blowout that would be.

  • Should have said in earlier posting ‘a very BIG thank you to icethesite. I really missed the Australian site when it closed. Then I found you. It’s brilliant – thank you.

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