Benny interviewed on Europe Today

Whilst in the British capital he also performed with his current group, The Benny Andersson Band, as part of the City of London’s Sweden on Stage Day.

Europe Today’s Paul Henley (interviewer and fan!) asked him what it felt like to be an unofficial ambassador for Sweden. There’s even a mention for Josefin Nilsson.

Hear the interview. (Well worth a listen)

Europe Today


  • Very interesting. Thanks.
    I loved the fact the interviewer shows himself to be an Abba fan. Great!

  • Thanks Ice for putting the link up.
    A good interview and at last an interviewer who knows his subject and is a fan.

  • Yes, thanks again Ice.

    Throws some light on the mystery of the missing dance floor at the Hampstead Heath gig.


  • Ooops! Not sure how Frida would feel about his comments about people leaving Sweden and living in Switzerland for tax purposes!

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