Chess in Concert – hitting the big screen (Updated with dates)

The duo will push the recorded concert out to theaters in the U.K. and Ireland for two days in September ahead of the planned home entertainment rollout the same month, the partners said Tuesday.

Directed by Hugh Wooldridge, adapted by Wooldridge and Tim Rice, and conducted by David Firman, the special performance was recorded live at a 25th anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

With story and lyrics by Rice, music by Abba’s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson and songs such as "One Night in Bangkok" performed by Murray Head, and "I Know Him So Well" performed by Barbara Dickson and Elaine Paige, "Chess" was a success when it was released in 1984.

The concert features a cast including multiplatinum-selling artist Josh Groban and Broadway stars Idina Menzel and Adam Pascal performing alongside the 100-strong West End Chorus and the City of London Philharmonic Orchestra.

More2Screen managing director Christine Costello said: "The phenomenal success of (musical and movie) ‘Mamma Mia!’ shows the potential for musicals in cinema, and we hope ‘Chess in Concert’ will delight its many existing fans, as well as finding some new ones, when it plays on the big screen this September."

London-based More2Screen provides cultural programming to digitally equipped cinemas and at big screen venues in the U.K.

Confirmed cinemas (so far) with booking numbers:

  • MacRobert Stirling September 5-6 (01786 466 666)
  • Old Market Hall Shrewsbury September 6 (01743 281281)
  • New Picture House St. Andrew’s September 6 (01334 474902)
  • Roses Theatre Tewkesbury September 6 (01684 295074)
  • Odeon Covent Garden London September 7 (0871 22 44 007)
  • Empire West End London September 7 (0871 471 4714)
  • Odeon Manchester  September 7 (0871 22 44 007)
  • Odeon Liverpool  September 7 (0871 22 44 007)
  • Odeon Guildford September 7 (0871 22 44 007 )
  • Odeon Norwich September 7 (0871 22 44 007)



  • Now that’s one good way to make an impact – it will be interesting to see what the concert sounds like in surround sound etc…. in a cinema setting.

  • fantastic.

  • Does anyone know how i can find out whether or not it will be coming to my local cinema? Thanks

  • That really is great and completely unexpected. How lucky are we chess fans! I for one am very pleased with the DVD and just think what a very great understated musical.

  • Omg awesome 🙂 I’m planning on buying the DVD in August when I’m in London (I live just outside Belfast) I wonder what cinemas it will be shown in?! Hopefully in NI, but tbh I would be willing to travel to Ireland 🙂

  • I wish they would do that here in the U.S. That would be awesome, but maybe it wouldn’t do as well here. I agree with Martin, the DVD is awesome and this is a lucky moment for Chess fans. Best wishes to all.

  • For all the screenings of Chess in Concert in September, please go to and you will find them on the calendar of events.

  • Its very Exciting , But I am wondering if we can assume it will be on, screen one of the Empire Licester square for e.g. (big screen with the best sound) ,as the other screens wouldn?t be so good,

  • I went to the Empire Leicester square today and they wouldn?t sell me a ticket , I asked which screen it would be on , and they couldn?t tell me that either , they said the tickets wouldn?t be on sale until a week before the screening ,

    So I then went to the Odeon on Shaftsbury avenue , as and they were selling tickets.
    so got one.
    And they said all there screens were the same size so it wouldn?t make any difference.

  • It’s showing in ODEON 3 at Covent Garden (Shaftsbury Avenue, just down from the Palace Theatre where Priscilla is playing). ODEON 3 is quite a good size auditorium with a nice big screen a great sound. Even though it’s on at Empire Leicester Square it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to play in Empire 1 and all the other screens there are horrible (made out from the old toilets, offices and a former basement sex cinema).

  • Odeon 3 sounds fantastic.

    The Empire one used to have the best sound years ago , but other cinemas have court up.
    and like you say if its not empire one its best to see it at one of the other cinemas.

  • I’m very pleased for all the people who live in the areas but i don’t.I went to the Albert hall to see the fabulous concert and i have the DVD but i don’t think it’s worth it to travel to London again to see it in a cinema.
    Enyoy the film.Josh Groban is wonderful

  • I must say Im very excited about it.

  • Guess I have to buy the DVD in our local CDshop in Emlichheim, Germany. Last week I was in Covent Garden. If I had known this was coming up, I would have stayed longer in London. Shame..

  • have just seen Chess in our local cinema, having also seen it at the Royal Albert Hall last year, both were amazing, the sound brilliant I wanted to clap after each song but the audience was very muted.

  • on tour 2010 in Germany ,,Musicaltheater Gdynia, Polen,, with Chess

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