Look and listen out for more Benny on the BBC


  • Ken Bruce is on 9.30-12.000 Monday to Friday.

    You should be able to hear the show online at some point and it will be available for about at week:

  • Just confirmed on today’s The One Show: tomorrow night they will have ‘Benny from ABBA’.

  • Just been watching Thursday’s One Show and they said tomorrow (Friday) Benny will be on the show! Cool!

  • Also….just heard on the car radio, Benny will be interviewed at 5pm on Magic.

    Was just driving along and heard "This is Benny Andersson, you’re listening to Magic". Never a truer word spoken, Benny.

    See you all on the Heath!

    Phil xxx

  • re my last post…

    that’s 5pm on Friday 3rd.


  • Am going to see Take That tomorrow so will miss all these interviews but thank God (even though he doesnt exist!?!) for BBC I-Player. Look forward to seeing you all on the Heath! xx

  • Just found that on Magic there is a podcast of an interview with Benny from 25 July 2008, which can be downloaded from http://podcasts.magic.co.uk/magic/interviews/benny_anderson_podcast.mp3.

    I am therefore supposing that the piece on Magic with Benny at 1700 today (reported by Phil) will also be available as a podcast.

    To listen live go to: http://www.magic.co.uk/player/player.asp

  • Was just driving along and heard "This is Benny Andersson, you’re listening to Magic". Never a truer word spoken, Benny.

    I LOVE this comment Phil!

  • I love the One Show and it’ll be great to see benny on it. Carnt wait to hear what questions Adrian Chiles will ask him.

  • Benny will be featured on Magic FM’s Indulgence Show this Sunday from 7pm. http://www.magic.co.uk/article.asp?id=587907

  • From http://www.wave105.com/sectional.asp?id=23966

    A-Ha & Benny Andersson: Mark talks to A-Ha on Monday & Benny from Abba on Tuesday morning.Doesn’t say what Tuesday, but presumably next as the tweet on this was from about 1630 today (Fri 3rd July)

  • Benny just said on "the one" show he and Bjorn will be at Hyde Park 13th September

  • benny has just announced on the one show that he and bjorn are at a gig in high park london in september music from kristina chess etc….wow

  • Hi all

    Nice to see Benny on ‘The One Show’ Cool chit-chat and good to hear and see Helen singing Story of a Heart live from a Swedish clip.


  • Hehe, I liked the video they made 😉 That was pretty much the only content as far as I am concerned, the rest was just short snippets of things already repeated enough times before.

  • Just heard that Benny will be on Thursday’s Steve Wright in the Afternoon Show, BBC Radio2 (2-5pm, interviews usually after 3.30) Steve also said something else about the band, which I didn’t catch- about performing?? Steve W has played the single quite often which is good.

  • went to hampstead heath 4th july. Was the best day, have waited a long long time to see my musical hero in the flesh. Thanks Benny, still got a smile on my face now and will have every time I think of your music!

  • Hi Benny will be on Ken Bruce Starting the 20th July,not sure if he is on all week,

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