Release date finally set for CHESS in Concert UK editions

You can pre-order the DVD for £14.99, the double CD for £11.98 and the Highlights disc for £9.98 via now and by using the links below, you’ll help support icethesite.

CHESS DVDs and CDS release date: 14 September

CHESS DVDs and CDs UK release date: 14 September

5 Comments on "Release date finally set for CHESS in Concert UK editions"

  • This is great news to finally have a release date. The only thing I dont’t understand is why it is not being released on blu-ray. Was it or wasn’t it filmed in Hi-Definition? Would have been beautiful on HD blu-ray.

  • Pity the UK editions will be released that late, as I just received my limited edition cd/dvd digipack plus sheet music today! I bought them online, don’t know if this is a UK or a US release. Many UK fans will buy the cd/dvd from abroad/online, I guess. I know that I couldn’t have waited until september 14th. Not very smart of Reprise/Warner… As I wondered if there would be dutch releases at all, I ordered the limited edition online.

  • I’ve allowed myself to become utterly confused by all the stories about limited releases and changing release dates over these products, to the extent that I’ve largely forgotten about ‘Chess’ and have been listening to the ‘Benny Andersson Band’ instead. Good news that they will finally get a mid-September UK release date – I’ll wait until I can physically see them in the shops before I give them any more consideration !!!


  • I’m in the UK and I’ve already bought the DVD from dress circle for £17.99 and the double CD from HMV online £15.99. both were really fast delivery. They are both fantastic "Chess is her passion" !!

  • I know that I am just a member of "Joe" Public and dont count for very much.I went to see the Chess Concert , May a YEAR ago and whilst being lucky to see it on the second night where although the sound was just about Ok the previous night the sound was terrible.I think the way that "we" have been messed around with the day of release is comtemptible. I have left my deposit at HMV in London.I suppose I will get my copy sometime, be it Sept 14 2009, February 2010, or November 2012.

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