Story Of A Heart enters UK charts at #29


  • Hi Ice,
    Yes a respectable position for the cd album given there is no actual single or video to promote the cd.Even my local small radio station is playing ‘Story of a heart’ so an actual single release would have possibly been a good idea maybe with ‘Butterfly wings’ as a bonus track.Lets face it the first few ABBA albums were not top ten either.Benny and co should be pleased.

  • It sold 7,500. ‘Gold’ rose from No.56 to No.49.
    It sold about 4,600 – bringing its UK Sales to
    4,628,000 since 1992 – 156,000 of them in 2009.
    How fortunate that Chart success, & Sales now
    mean nothing to Benny!

  • Hi Ice,
    Yes a respectable position for the cd album given there is no actual single or video to promote the cd.Even my local small radio station is playing ‘Story of a heart’ so an actual single release would have possibly been a good idea maybe with ‘Butterfly wings’ as a bonus track.Lets face it the first few ABBA albums were not top ten either.Benny and co should be pleased.

  • It is one thing for an unknown, (or little
    known) ABBA, to not have Top 10 Albums. (It was
    almost unheard of for Continental European Acts
    to have UK Top 10 Albums, before 1976). It is
    quite another, for a very well known Benny, to
    fail to go in higher than No.29. Still, neither
    ABBA Lady has had UK Top 10 Hits – with anything – since ABBA split up.
    And, it matters not anyhow – as Benny doesn’t
    care about Sales, or Chart Positions. Which
    is a jolly good thing!
    In the meantime, the ‘SOAH’ Song has stalled
    in the UK Air Play Chart – 61 – 37 – 31 – 33 – 33
    It has confused many UK DJ’s – they thought it
    was going to be a Single. As it looks like it
    won’t be, they will now see no point in
    carrying on playing it…..

  • Did they change the chart since this post because now there’s no sign of Story Of A Heart on either the BBC album chart link above nor

  • Thanks for the stats everyone ! I’m more amazed, to be honest, by the 4,600 folk that picked this week to buy ‘Abba Gold’ – where on earth have they been hiding since 1992 LOL !! (Maybe they’ve been replacing earlier, worn-out, copies!)


  • When I first heard about the album I didn?t expect it to be a pop chart CD
    Maybe folk chart if there is one, its about bringing the music to the people as in the spectacular exciting concert.
    Its timeless, and extraordinarily exceptional ,and I agree
    its done well in an unusual week.

  • …I can’t believe they didn’t release it as a single!!!???? Why? I’m in berlin…and as of saturday saw just …(count’em!!) one copy of the c.d..almost 20euros!! I thought there was a proper release date in Germany…hmmm bit confused here! I’m gonna buy it for sure but just waiting to see if anyone else carries it!! for bit cheaper !I have 3 of Bennys solo cds so have some of the stuff on it..already…so will wait longer …but hey chart position could have been worse in Britain! cheers!

  • The Title Track has entered the UK Singles Top
    100, at No.90 – 3,088 Downloads. Album Tracks
    can be UK Hit ‘Singles’ now, if they are
    Downloaded enough. However, to be called a
    ‘Hit’, a UK Single, (or Album), has to reach
    the Top 75.
    I suspect that Universal have not made the
    Title Track a CD Single, because they are afraid
    that many ABBA/Pop Fans will just buy the
    Single – and not want the actual Album.
    The Song can be Downloaded anyhow, but a lot
    of people like to have a CD – so, they’ll buy
    the Album – to get the Title Track…..

  • I think it is a very good position for the style of album, and if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson, it would have been placed at Number 20!

  • and, remember how much higher it would be if Michael Jackson was not dominating the album chart………

  • No 29 not a bad show – remember it’s the 4th highest new entry album and there are 9 Michael Jackson related albums above this position.

  • Had Michael Jackson lived, he would have been starting his o2 residency now so the charts would have been full of his music anyway.

    I think just making the Top 30 is a good as it was going to get for BAB and that whilst the chart position may not be of any interest to Benny himself, the record company will be quite disappointed that the considerable amount of promotion done did not generate more sales.

  • I don?t think giving a concert at the o2 would have had the same effect as dying.

  • I doubt that had MJ been playing in the UK this week that any of his albums would have charted in the Top 30 for sales last week. But whether Benny is number 20 or 29, it’s the sales that are more important than the position.

  • I doubt if Michael Jackson had any affect on the sales of Story Of A Heart.The casual CD buyer out there will know Abba,but not necessarily Benny Andersson.MJ’s market is not necessarily the same as Abba’s,and certainly not Benny’s.For an album of polkas and a few singable songs this CD was always going to appeal to hardcore fans such as ourselves.

  • Hi

    It’s still not being stocked by Tesco, not even in their top 75, whatever that is. Maybe Polydor had an exclusive deal with Sainsburys to get them to pay for the TV advertising (?).


  • Well the National Gallery does have a Sainsbury?s wing ,
    Its hard to imagine a Tesco wing.

  • Story Of A Heart drops from #29 to #45 on the UK album chart w/c 19 July.

  • Great pity. After all the extensive appearances by Benny, the CD is nowhere to be found. Not in WH Smith, not in Tesco, even if it was at 29 in the charts.

    Maybe an exclusive deal with Sainsburys? But wouldn’t that be bonkers?

    What I couldn’t understand was why during the TV interviews, they didn’t really talk about BAB – it was more a case of ‘are Abba reforming’. On the TV interviews I saw, they didn’t even mention Helen’s name. Odd really.

    I wonder if Wogan or others on R2 are playing other tracks from the album?

    Anyway, we don’t really care do we, it was never going to be ‘mainstream’?

    A question – will they issue a further ‘single’ from the album?


  • But, the Title Track jumps from No.33 to No.15
    in the UK Airplay Chart. Meaning that a huge
    leap in both DJ’s playing it, & Listeners
    requesting it, must have happened in the past
    Week. So now it is the first Benny & Bjorn
    Song to reach the Top 20 in the Airplay Chart,
    that is not in the Top 75 of the Sales Chart
    at all. Something is going wrong somewhere.

    However, people do not want to buy the entire
    Album to get the Track. It would be better if
    it were officially released as a Single – and
    Promoted as such.

  • Someone has told me that the Album was sold
    by the thousands at the BAB Concert on Hampstead
    Heath – so none of those Sales would have been
    registered towards the UK Charts.

    Radio 2 had the Album as ‘Album Of The Week’
    very recently, so the other Tracks were played.

    However, (see Reviews of the Album),
    a lot of ABBA Fans are buying it because they
    like the Title Track – and then finding that
    they are disappointed that the rest of the Album
    is not ‘Pop Music’.

    To make the UK Singles Chart, any of the Tracks
    can be ‘Singles’ – it just depends if enough
    people Download them. The days are gone when an
    Album Track needs to be a Single, if it is reach
    the Singles Chart. However, it would help, if
    Universal ‘Officially’ made the Title Track a
    Single – and Promoted it as a Single. It seems to
    be being Downloaded as an Album Track at present.
    It has climbed from No.90 to No.83 in the UK
    Top 100, & it has sold about 6,000 Downloads
    in 2 Weeks.

    As Radio 2 is the UK Radio Station playing it
    the most, it has been suggested that Listeners
    to that Station are not, (over all), the sort
    of people who Download Tracks. They tend to be
    in their 30’s, & older – over all.

    So that may well be stopping the Track being
    a bigger Hit ‘Single’. I’m told that several
    big Airplay Hits have not been Hit Singles
    lately,because Radio 2 is the Station playing
    them the most. They just don’t sell very well
    as Downloads.

  • It doesn’t help that none of it is available on itunes either.

  • Well, I’m fairly certain that the album did not sell in it’s thousands at Hampstead. They had one box, apparently, which might have contained about 100 when full. I bought a copy mid afternoon and about a quarter of the cds had gone. There were no adverts anywhere for the sale of it and even at the stand the assistant had to rummage under the desk and pull out the box. I felt like I was buying ‘something for the weekend’ in a local chemist!

  • Yes, I have the feeling too that a physical single release of ‘Story Of A Heart’ is what needed in hindsight – but maybe they could release a ‘double A’ side with ‘Fait Accompli’, if / when the latter starts getting onto the Radio 2 playlist…or maybe they can still rush-release a single of ‘SOAH’..



  • Ken Bruce played five tracks from the album when it was the album of the week. Steve Wright played a couple of tracks when they interviewed Benny. I don’t think they liked it & they sort of made it clear to Benny. Apart from that everyone else has only played SOAH.

  • They didn’t like it?! I am shocked! What’s not to like. It’s beautiful, though admittedly not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose, what with tubas and accordions …

    Is Fait Accompli going to be a single?

    Another ‘problem’ with SOAH is that unless you have bought the album you’ll have no idea that there is actually more to the song than heard on the radio.

  • Story Of A Heart dropped to #60 this week.

  • Why, oh why is it not in the Tesco chart and stocked there? It has never been. It should have had its own stand etc etc.

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