Story Of A Heart TV advert

Story of a Heart, Benny Anderson Band album from Sainsbury's

It shows the cover and pictures from the booklet and has a voice-over talking about the ‘music man behind ABBA’. Story Of A Heart plays over the ad. It is a Sainsburys sponsored advert. It was shown during GMTV……nearly fell of my chair while having breakfast!

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  • However, the Album is already struggling in
    the UK Mid Week Charts – which show how well
    an Album is selling, before the Weekly Chart is
    published on a Sunday Evening.

    Tuesday – No.28 (New Entry in Top 75)
    Wednesday – No.26
    Thursday – No.28

    The problem is – people are buying it, because
    they think that the Title Track is typical of
    the entire Album. They then realise that it isn’t
    a ‘Pop’ Album at all – overall. They then tell
    other ABBA Fans/Pop Fans – and they decide, ‘Oh!
    Well, I certainly won’t be buying it!’.

    The result is that most ABBA Fans will not
    be buying it…..

  • How fab.. let’s hope it charts well at the weekend.

  • Time to face some harsh realities.
    I have seen some midweek sales forecasts that suggest the album will scrape into the top 30 on Sunday. No sign of the single in the charts though (has it been officially released now)?

  • Although, just to qualify my previous comment, considering that around 20 of the albums ahead of Story of A Heart on the mid-week predictions chart are by or are connected to Michael Jackson, getting near the top 10 (in a normal week) with an album largely comprising Swedish folk music is a pretty amazing achievement. Well done Benny.

  • I don’t think Benny will be too worried about the chart position. Maybe the record company are more concerned about it! But the earlier point about Michael Jackson material making a big difference is probably correct. In other words, album sales are probably quite decent. There is no physical single or download single of ‘Story of a Heart’ to buy, as far as I am aware, so don’t expect it to chart there….

  • @ Andrew: thanks for the link to the ad. Nice graphics.

    @ Phil: apparently there is no commercial single. Whether the song sells enough on downloads to get in to the charts remains to be seen I guess.

  • The problem is that three main supermarket chains (the most accessible place for CDs for the target audience of this album) aren’t even stocking it. There’s no sign of it at tesco, Asda or Morrisons, and it is only available in Sainsbury’s. They may stock it if it gets "top twenty" next week, but surely Polydor should have tried the "hard sell" to these chains to get them to stock it on the first week, especially after the success of ABBA and Mamma Mia! CD sales?

    Phil. There is NO single release. The record has only been released to radio stations as a promo for the album, so this is why you don’t see it in the singles charts.

  • hmm no 28 is great in consideration of the fact that michael jackson will be on the first 20 positions…^^

  • The album is the 38th most downloaded album so far on i tunes this week (Friday 7pm) and SOTH is the 80th most downloaded song.

  • Colin said :- ‘The problem is – people are buying it, because
    they think that the Title Track is typical of
    the entire Album. They then realise that it isn’t
    a ‘Pop’ Album at all – overall. They then tell
    other ABBA Fans/Pop Fans – and they decide, ‘Oh!
    Well, I certainly won’t be buying it!’.’

    With respect, Colin, how do you know this is happening for sure? Surely most folk are more sensible than that? Some may well buy the album with an open mind – but would a group of people really buy the album and then tell others how ‘disappointed’ they were with it? I, for one, doubt it.

    I often buy a CD album off the back of a hit single, then find the other tracks less interesting. ‘C’est la vie.’ ABBA had the philosophy that they always released the strongest tracks from each album as the singles – and that’s all that Benny has done here (if you regard a ‘promo’ track as a ‘single’ in this era). Can’t see anything wrong with that, personally. If anyone buys this album expecting 14 ABBA-type songs through and through, then more fool them, I’d say. There are enough media resources in this day and age to allow them to do proper research before buying if it’s really an issue….



  • I like the artwork on the advert, it reminds me somewhat of the artwork for The Album with trees growing out of guitars etc…..

  • Hi

    The reviews on Amazon are well worth a read if you wonder what people are making of the album.

    Great artwork I agree, but it doesn’t really jump out at you when it’s on the shelf.


  • What great reviews on amazon, I agree the styles work well together that?s why the concert was so exiting.

  • I wonder if all the copies sold at Hampstead Heath (where most fans will have bought it, including me) will count towards the chart position. As I think this would make a real diffence.

  • The album is currently 22 on the Amazon chart. This is its lowest position all week (I believe it peaked at number 14) but bear in mind that there are 14 MJ albums ahead of him in the chart – yes 14. At the very worst, that puts his album in at a "real" position of No.8. I really think this is a remarkable achievement for such an eclectic album and shows a quite deep respect out there for Benny as a composer and musician with the wider (i.e. not just ABBA) community.

    One more point – how lucky were we with the weather this week. A friend over from Norway this weekend went and had a picnic on Hampstead Heath and had to sit under a tree all afternoon as it poured with rain. I know that this would not have dampened most fans spirits, but that wonderful view and the lovely weather made the day extra special. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh. Still smiling.

  • Personally, I think SOAH is a great song, the album is good but most of all FULL marks to Benny et al for playing a FREE 2 and a half hour concert on Hampstead heath. He has nothing to prove, he comes across as very humble and someone on stage doing something he enjoys. Sit back and enjoy the music for the musics sake. It’s not ABBA, it’s Benny Andersson, doing what he does so well – making fine music, from Clasical to operatic; from folk to pop – wonderful wonderful wonderful. i took lots of pictures on the day and have posted them on my website feel free to join and have a look

    best wishes


  • I don?t believe in mid week charts, a chart position lasts a whole week.

  • Mid Week Charts are simply Daily Sales Charts.
    It is pointless to not believe in them. They
    are just as accurate as the Weekly Chart, on a Sunday. The BAB Album was at No.28 on Tuesday,
    No.26 on Wednesday, No.28 on Thursday, &
    No.27 on Friday. In the final – Weekly – Chart,
    it was No.29.

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