ABBA – The Albums available for just £15


  • A bit of a bargain, eh ?

    I wonder what the four former group members think – all those years of hard work, literally given away LOL !! (I think their royalties are unconnected with the sale price – so it’s the store that decides what it will make on the deal).

    Shouldn’t be missed though – I just got one for my brother….

  • I think that a bargain box of all their albums is a good idea. The biggest fans have already bought all their albums (several times, as I have), but a cheap box is a good way to get the people, that only have compilations in their collections, to appreciate their work in full.

  • In 2008, ‘The Albums’ Box Set sold 28,000
    copies, in the UK. It has sold about 15,000
    more – so far – in 2009. The lower price will
    ensure that it sells more copies here. It
    Peaked at No.89 – for 2 Weeks. However, only the
    Top 75 counts in the UK – for a Single or Album
    to be called a ‘Hit’.

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