Björn shows CNN around Stockholm – view the trailer

My City_My Life brings you leading personalities’ exclusive insights into the cities they love. Find out where they hang out, which areas mean most to them and discover what sights they think give you a true flavor of their city. Björn is taking part and showing off Stockholm.

From CNN: This month on ‘My City_My Life’ ABBA pop legend Björn Ulvaeus takes viewers on a journey around Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, including the city’s picturesque Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and the Östermalmshallen Food Hall to the Vasa, Scandinavia’s most visited museum.

As cameras explore the city, Bjorn talks about its vibrant atmosphere and shows viewers the studio where the first ABBA songs were recorded. Along the way, ‘My City_My Life’ discovers the city’s quaint neighbourhoods, its cultural splendour and joins Bjorn on a helicopter ride to the island of Söderarm . As the ABBA star puts it, ‘there’s no Stockholm without its archipelago’.

Show times (CET):
  • Thursday September 3: 1030
  • Friday September 4: 0500
  • Saturday September 5: 1030, 1900
  • Sunday September 6: 0030, 1630

Björn Ulvaeus

Björn shows CNN around Stockholm for the My City_My Life series


  • I want to move there.

  • Would love to go to see that place. Not so much in the wintertime though, for all the obvious reasons.

  • Stockholm impresses me as a spectacular, historic and vibrant city; clean, safe and friendly; with dynamic cultural attractions from all time periods. I think northern Europe has been overlooked as a travel destination for too long, and unreasonably so, by Canadians, Australians, and Americans wishing to visit Europe.

    I have also been extremely impressed by photos of Norway on Google Earth. A pity, though, that the Abba Museum will not be built in Stockholm.

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