Björn Ulvaeus takes part in new CNN show

The series features Iggy Pop (Miami), Nina Persson (Malmö), Guy Ritchie (London), Quincy Jones (Seattle) and Wolfgang Puck (Los Angeles) as well as Björn.

In an Aftonbladet feature and interview, Björn reveals that he feels there are two really good songs about Stockholm Stockholmssång by Evert Taube and Stolta stad by Carl Michael Bellman.

Björn also says that he and Benny are ready to write a new musical and will hope to start doing so this autumn. Not before the Hyde Park concert, or Kristina in New York or indeed his holiday straight after New York in Tahiti – where he hopes to be a bit "Robinson Crusoe" on an uninhabited island and go climbing and diving.

He also states that neither Benny nor he have been approached to write music for the big royal wedding in Sweden next year.

About the CNN show, Björn says "For me, Stockholm town is at least as great as the Stockholm archipelago itself. We will make a quick tour. Helicopter to Söderarm, all the way at the end. So, they see what the archipelago is like."

The show will also feature Stellan Skarsgård chatting with Björn about their love for Stockholm.

The paper explains that the filming has been taking place in glorious weather in Gamla Stan, the Vasa Museum and Djurgården where a scene for ABBA – The Movie was shot. But also Björns most personal choice, Atlantis studio where ABBA hits were recorded in the 1970s. And Cirkus.

"There are places that have meant a lot to me. Every time I see Cirkus, I am thinking of when, in 1997 we were involved in completely renovating it for Kristina från Duvemåla. We did not find a theatre in Stockholm, which could take Kristina. We tore the whole thing down! Since then we had both Chess and Mamma Mia! here." 

" It is clear that it would be fun to play a musical here."

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  • Why do these news items always get people in the street to sing their favourite ABBA songs? How cliched!

    Will have to keep a look out at the CNN schedule for this show.

  • I like the image of Björn as "Robinson Crusoe" ;o) Tahiti would be lovely to visit.
    Cheers, Tony.

  • OH my God!! When was this filmed? I was in Stockholm last week (stayed at the Rival for my 4oth birthday!!)I would be gutted if I thought I had missed the chance to see Bjorn!

  • It looks like Björn is on in September:

    Thanks Niclas!

  • How exciting! A new musical!!!! 😀

    Has this been mentioned in interviews before?

  • I, too, get giddy at the thought of a new B&B musical. Leaves me thirsty for more info.

  • Here is a video from their early
    discussions about making musicals.


  • I get giddy at the thought of Bjorn climbing! When can we see this?

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