Complete casting for Kristina at Carnegie Hall

Helen Sjöholm will play Kristina, Russell Watson will play Karl Oskar and Louise Pitre is cast as Ulrika.

Kevin Odekirk

Kevin Odekirk

Kevin Odekirk played Robert in Benny and Björn’s New York Kristina workshop three years ago after making his Broadway debut as Marius in Les Misérables. He has performed in concert alongside singers that include Barbra Streisand, Bernadette Peters, Angela Lansbury, Brian Stokes Mitchell and Josh Groban.

The Kristina company will also feature Derin Altay, Chris Bohannon, Jane Brockman, Walter Charles, Rebecca Eichenberger, Osborn Focht, Blythe Gruda, Liz Griffith, Joy Hermlyn, David Hess, Michael James Leslie, T. Doyle Leverett, Rob Lorey, Frank Mastrone, Raymond Jaramillo McLeod, Linda Mugleston, Jan Neuberger, Robert Ousley, Sal Sabella, Greg Stone, Jessica Vosk and Kathy Voytko.

Lars Rudolfsson will direct the concerts; Paul Gemignani will conduct a 50-piece symphony orchestra.

Tickets for KRISTINA are available at the Carnegie Hall Box Office (57th Street & Seventh Avenue), via phone at 212-247-7800 or online at

The Kristina website has now been updated with the full company.

The full company on the Kristina site

The Kristina website now features the full company


  • Cor, he’s cute!

  • Absolutely perfect choice, great vocals and eye candy all rolled into one!

  • perhaps…. but i have to admit that there was a big part of me that was praying for peter joback to reprise his role since he is in nyc at the moment.

  • Is it just me or does he look more like Russell Watson than Peter Joback
    looked like Anders Ekbprg?

  • very sad Peter Joback will not perform, I was told Peter Joback lives in NYC for last few months. I am sure Peter Joabck will attend the Kristina concerts

  • Wow, his voice is perfect for Robert.

  • And it’s going to be filmed as well as recorded…

  • nd the whole article

    Why dad’s the word for Russell
    By Natalie Anglesey

    RUSSELL Watson?s daughters have an extra special reason for thinking their dad is pretty cool at the moment.

    The girls ? Rebecca and Hannah ? are both massive fans of the Abba-inspired film Mamma Mia!

    So when dad told them he was going off to New York to sing in a new musical written by Benny and Bjorn from Abba his credibility went through the roof.

    ?I?m daddy cool at the moment as far as my two girls are concerned,? the Salford-born tenor said.

    The new show, called Kristina, will be performed at the legendary Carnegie Hall for two nights in September.

    And Russell knows it?s an opportunity that could catapult him into a completely new theatrical arena.

    ?Bjorn and Benny have been working on this idea about Swedish immigrants coming to America for some time,? says Russell.

    ?I went to meet them in Stockholm a couple of months ago and stayed in Benny?s hotel. He started playing a ballad from The Pearl Fishers and when I joined

    in and hit and held the high note, he was delighted.

    "When Bjorn joined us and I sang the big duet with the Swedish girl who?s going to play the title role, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end because

    it really is magnificent.

    ?This concert version is going to be filmed and recorded for a live album so it?s all very exciting.

    "Then they?ll decide if there?s going to be a full-scale stage musical and if they ask me to be in it then I?ll have to think long and hard.?

    Russell has already appeared as the Parson in a tour of the big arena show, The War of The Worlds, a huge commitment in time for a recording artist; so it?s understandable

    that he wants to think about appearing in another musical.

    ?It would be great if my two girls could come out for the first night because they love the film Mamma Mia! and suddenly daddy?s cool again because of the Abba connection.

    But I gather it?s already sold out ? so who knows.?

    Russell has already performed in the famous Manhattan venue before.

    He said: ?I was warned then that, as a young British tenor, I may walk on stage to silence and I was prepared for that.


    ?However, I was totally unprepared for the deafening wall of sound which greeted me. from the New Yorkers who really took me to their hearts.

    "I?m just hoping they?ll do the same with Kristina.?

    Russell has only recently returned from Taiwan, where he sang at the World Games to a packed stadium of 40,000 people with millions watching on television.

    He said: ?It reminded me of the Commonwealth Games in Manchester ? but without the rain. Mind you it was so hot it was like singing in a hairdryer.

    ?They wanted Nessun Dorma and I sang a duet with Hayley Westerna, closing the opening ceremony with Queen?s We Are The Champions which went down a storm.?

    Russell met the President of the Chinese Republic, Ma Ying-Jeou. ?I know the political situation is difficult but let?s put it this way – I really had no choice!?

    Unprepared for the Watson fever that spread throughout Taiwan, Russell was mobbed wherever he went. ?It was incredible,? he admits.

    ?You expect people in the Western world to recognise you but ?The welcome they gave me was really touching.?

    However, Russell admits that it?s good to be home and this week he?ll be signing copies of his autobiography, Finding My Voice, which is now out in paperback.

    It was good to hear him laughing and joking again as it?s not so long ago that he faced a second operation to get rid of the remains of the brain tumour that first struck him in 2007.

    ?I can only say how chuffed I am to be here to do this signing as at one point it didn?t look too promising. My fans are like family and have been terrific.

    It?s like having thousands of mothers looking after me. I hope to see some of them at the Arndale Centre on Friday.?

    Russell remembers vividly writing his autobiography while he was really ill and undergoing radiotherapy.

    He said: ?My h

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