DVD – ABBA Live in Japan – Hot News!

ABBA - Live in Japan

Provisional Cover

Release date given for all territories below is 15 September, 2009.

Amazon UK: no price details

Live In Japan [DVD]

Amazon (USA): $34.99

Live In Japan

Amazon (France): EUR 19.99

Abba in Japan

Amazon.fr have come up with a provisional cover to illustrate the product but which may not resemble the final artwork. I think most ABBA fans would look upon this DVD as a momentous release. Spoiled for choice for TV appearances in Europe (or so it seems, upon reflection) the Japanese TV appearances in anything approaching high quality have remained largely out of reach. I’ll definitely be snapping up this release as soon as I can.

  • Eagle
  • Take A Chance On Me
  • Money, Money, Money
  • SOS
  • That’s Me
  • Tiger
  • Dancing Queen
  • Waterloo
  • Fernando
  • Summer Night City
  • The Name Of The Game
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You
  • If It Wasn’t For The Nights
  • Thank You For The Music
Bonus features:
  • If It Wasn’t For The Nights (Original Tape Mix)
  • Behind the scenes 1978 (on Deluxe edition)
  • Behind the scenes 1980 (on Deluxe edition)
  • Extra performances, interviews, photo gallery and a making of…

There is also this information sheet strongly suggesting a standard single DVD release, a deluxe 2-DVD edition and high-definition Blu-ray release.

Live In Japan Details

French product release notes for ABBA Live in Japan

Thank you very much to Dmitriy Shipov for the news!

13 Comments on "DVD – ABBA Live in Japan – Hot News!"

  • Very much looking forward to this. I’ve had my order with CD Japan for months. First order was cancelled and refunded and then it was offered again. Not a cheap product and for my £50 or so (eek!) I would like to hope it’s the Deluxe edition. Must check!

  • Must cancel, more like! And re-order locally, Sara.

  • Wow! This is something to look forward to, for certain.

    I can’t bear all those crappy YouTube clips and so this is fantastic news – and Blu-ray too? Oh my word!

  • Cheers for the news Icey. Excited !! Also a bit puzzled, though. When did ‘Abba in Japan’ become ‘Abba Live In Japan’, and aren’t most of the performances mimed anyway??


  • I love Frida’s hair style during ABBA’s visit to Japan in 1978. Frida looked so amazingly beautiful in all the clips filmed here. An extremely talented performer and dancer!

    I have been looking forward to this release for years. It looks like I am receiving my 2009 Christmas present early.

    GREAT news ICE!

  • Ohhhh…well CDJapan cancelled my order and refunded it for me, so I assumed this was long gone.
    Im not overly bothered by the title, although it is rather misleading, I suddenly thought ‘I dont remember them taping those shows in 80’, but providing this release actually makes the damn shops this time, Im happy.

  • Fantastic news!! I think Abba did some of their best performances for Japanese TV, they were at the height of their career, and all band members were in top form. What a great period this last year has been for Abba fans old and new!

  • Will there be an OFFICIAL announcement made through Universal this time?

  • @ Graeme: I would expect so, and until then I wouldn’t hold my breath on this release date.

  • Finally I have had my deluxe edition ordered from CD Japan for months. Can’t wait I have even payed extra to have the DVD shipped overnight by express mail. This in all my 30 years of collecting ABBa has been a first. If there is to be a single release as well I’ll probably later on get the single edition s well


  • I hope this release goes so well that Universal will release more ABBA DVDs with TV clips from other countries, particularly from when they were in Australia and West Germany (some interview clips’d be good too). Also good would be if they released specific ledgendary TV shows, such as: the ‘Musikladen’ special; the Australian special ‘The Best of ABBA (on Bandstand)’; and ‘ABBA: Made in Sweden (For Export)’… again, all with related interviews &/or behind-the-scenes treats. Sigh. Fingers crossed (we’d better start saving our pennies ;o)

  • Ian’s advice on not holding your breath about the release date being 15 September seems very sound as the latest date being touted is 9 October.

  • Just ordered my copy from CDUniverse.com for $18.78total(release date of 11/3/2009)…
    What a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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