Hyde Park ABBA celebration line-up starts to take shape (Updated)

Thank You For The Music - a celebration of the music of ABBA

Thank You For The Music – a celebration of the music of ABBA in Hyde Park

Elaine Paige, Lulu, Jason Donovan, original ABBA musicians and the cast of Mamma Mia! are confirmed. Update 26 July: On her radio show, Elaine Paige mentioned that Sharleen Spiteri and The Feeling also now confirmed. Update 05 August: Neither Helen Sjöholm or Russell Watson will be appearing as they will be rehearsing for Kristina in New York.

Benny revealed that he has asked Annie Lennox also – as he would love to hear her perform The Day Before You Came.

The announcements are on the BBC iPlayer, see the Ken Bruce Show Friday 24 July at around 2hrs 10 mins in. This concludes Benny’s week on the Tracks Of My Years segment.

Thanks very much to Darren for the info. iPlayer with Benny talking about his song choices is below. Whole show link is below that.


  • OK Guys, I’ve wiped me eyes and stopped sobbing after hearing the news that Helen & Russell won’t be appearing. I agree with those people who have serious doubts about the "stars" who have been confirmed for this concert actually doing justice to the B&B classics (Lulu can’t sing to save her life and Jason Donovan well, enough said).

    Here’s what we do: We make the most of this opportunity to hear our heroes’ work resounding across London and we sing our hearts and souls out and then we’ll drown ’em out anyway!!

    Sound like a plan?

    Phil x

  • I don´t believe this…Helen is not there…
    Just one question:’The cast of Mamma Mia are confirmed’. Who are the cast? Anyone knows??

  • My daughter Louisa is the biggest Abba fan ever , She has down’s syndrome and is recovering from breaking 2 bones in the leg. September 13th is her 18th birthday and we will be at "Thank you for the Music" It would really make it a very special day if her name could be mentioned, she has been so brave please help if you can.

  • Hope louisa enjoys – I imagine it will be full of fun and a good chance to sing and boogoe despite some favourite singers that some of us were hoping for.

  • Oh guys how gutting for you all and if Elaine is allowed to "get her pipes" around "Du Maste Finnas",well,oh dear. I’m almost glad I can’t make it though, it would have been great to meet up with some of you. I’m sure you’ll all have agreat time if Hampstead was anything to go by and I hope its a nice sunny evening.
    Just a thought..why not get all the performers that did the ABBAMANIA tv thing together again..You’d have Culture Club,Madness..oh yeah and Martine and Denise!!Of all the artists radio 2 plays I’m amazed this is the best they can do,
    it’s not a tribute its "ABBA-The Pantomime"!
    I thought this was a great occassion and even Ms Faltskog might grace us with an appearance but I’m now certain she’ll be staying home with a bottle of red and a copy of Mamma Mia on dvd!!

  • No Helen, I also can’t believe it.

    Have seen her for the first time ever in Stockholm, the 28th of June. How brilliant that was.

    There will be photos and a report about that BAO event in the intermezzo Abba Fan Magazine.

    By the way: There were two nice chaps from Putney, London with us in the front row on that lovely sunny sunday in Stockholm. Are you anywhere out there?
    Will we meet again in the front row in Hyde park?

    And yes Phil, good idea to drown ’em out with our own singing. Bring your fisherman’s friends, mints, lemon and honey lozenges or whatever it takes to strengthen your voices….

    Chrissy from Frankfurt

  • Yeah,..the acts are not great..

  • continuing..lol!! Acts not great, but a great opportunity like others have said, to sing our hearts out! So lets do that!!!
    I am seeing Kristina on 24th in NYC ..so one of the lucky oners there..anyone eklse going?
    I love the new ABBA logo too!!
    Terry xx

  • We haven’t had confirmation of the line-up yet – it might be great! (I mean, nice) And anyway who cares?! Bjorn and Benny will be there and… who knows…. ‘IT’ could happen… x

  • Hi again,

    The more I think about it, the more gutted I am about this Hyde Park thing. What is the point of this without Helen? She is the vocalist who has been interpreting Benny’s music for the last few years, seems ridiculous to have a show like this without her.

    Being of a certain age (lol) I tend to listen to Radio 2 on my way to work and would have thought that they could get together a better line-up than currently seems to be the case. I hope they manage to get something sorted before Sept 13th or the event should be re-named
    "Thank You for Murdering the Music – An Insult to Bjorn & Benny"

    I have 3 tickets, but I’m not sure I even want to go now…….

    By the way Terry, have a great time in NYC, wish I could be there too!


  • LULU? Jason Donavan? They are has beens. This is going to be a disaster

  • Sorry guys if anyone thought I was annoying..you wouldn’t be the first!!
    Seriously though I’m only not going cause I have to work and Hampstead Heath was fantastic so whoever walks on stage It won’t spoil the night.
    I would have loved to met up with Terry and co and I hope Louisa has a fabulous night…I’ll be looking after other people with broken legs!!

  • I am gutted to hear that Helen won’t be performing – do you think they’d change their minds with a nice petition? Nobody else should be allowed to introduce Kristina to Britain, it is her role. BAO songs just won’t be the same without her either. Please reconsider Helen, Benny, Bjorn, whoever made that decision.

  • I am gutted to hear that Helen won’t be performing – do you think they’d change their minds with a nice petition? Nobody else should be allowed to introduce Kristina to Britain, it is her role. BAO songs just won’t be the same without her either. Please reconsider Helen, Benny, Bjorn, whoever made that decision.

  • A little off the subject, but with the mention of Silence of the Dawn as a Benny Andersson song, where can I hear it online?

  • Just to add my small protest – soooo unhappy that Helen is not now appearing. Was looking forward to seeing Russell Watson too. Am thinkin if I’d known this before I bought the ticket I now wouln’t be bothering.
    Hope it is a fantastic show. miracles do happen folks!
    See you there!

  • Sooooooooooo disappointed about Russell not appearing. Going to lie down now to cry some more….

  • I think most people would find some of the comments on here a bit strange , Lulu cant sing for example ,
    And what exactly is wrong with Elaine Page.

  • Anyone else wondering if the Kylie Radio 2 Elaine Paige ‘ident’ followed by EP playing Kylie and Dannii’s version of The Winner Takes It All today was an indication of a possible surprise ‘turn’ on 13th September? Kylie and Jason performing Why Did It Have To Be Me would be quite a coup……although I have feeling Kylie is on tour at the moment….

  • I also hope the cast from Chess 2008 is present. At least some of the main ones (like Josh Groban and Kerry Ellis)

  • Just seen in The Stage that other acts lined up include Jodie Prenger (on One of Us), Siobahn McCarthy (reprising the original stage version of I Know Him So Well with Elaine Paige), Kerry Ellis and Marti Pellow (presumably some Chess numbers) and, most intriguingly, Chaka Khan singing The Winner Takes It All. Anyone who has heard Chaka jazz classics such as Don’t Go To Strangers will be dying to hear how she interprets this song. Oh yes–as predicted–Lulu is singing Gimme Gimme Gimme. My next prediction is that Steps will reform for the event and ‘murder’ Dancing Queen…

  • Well I am totally devasted that Josh Groban isn’t singing Anthem.He was the ONLY performer in Chess the Concert at the Royal Albert Hall last year that got a standing ovation and that was for Anthem.Seems even stranger as Chess the Concert is going to be various cinemas, the week before and its being released on DVD here in the UK the day after this concert. Strange thinking.!!

  • TO BUD!!!
    The Silence Of The dawn sung by Barbara Dickson has just been posted on Youtube!!

  • This is as close to an ABBA reunion as poss these days + everyone should be positive + thankful it’s happening…don’t matter who sings the songs, thay are all doing it for (ABBA) Benny + Bjorn…and u never know…if Frida appears and even sung 1 song, I would blow up by the end of it lol…Agnetha? u never know……
    I along with other great friends will just be thankful to be there amongst the glitter + the glamour + the camp!!! Cheers 111

  • Kerry Ellis! 🙂

  • Is the gig being recorded for DVD release as well as OB’d by R2?

  • i think that it shd be a good nite i cant see ms faltskog apearing fear of flying etc frida on the other hand is a posibility so wotever hapens there wil be benny and bjorn that is 2 guys who have written many top hits more than lennon mc cartney

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