Louise Pitre to appear in Kristina at Carnegie Hall

Louise Pitre

Louise Pitre to play Ulrika

Louise will play the dual part of Ulrika and narrator.

Louise was a huge hit with Broadway audiences during her long stint playing Donna Sheridan in Mamma Mia! and was nominated for a 2002 Tony award.

Pitre has also released a CD titled All My Life Has Led To This, featuring songs in English and French. The song is a re-release of her Canadian album Love Letters, but with the Mamma Mia! songs The Winner Takes It All and Slipping Through My Fingers added. She released a subsequent album, titled Shattered, on which she collaborated with American songwriter Jimmy Webb.

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  • Ok, I’ll be the first to comment….I’m thrilled!!! I have had the chance to not only see Louise perform as Donna in Mamma Mia! (both in Toronto and on opening night on Broadway), but I have also had the chance to meet her in person numerous times. She is gracious, talented, and will bring an amazing presence to Kristina. Fantastic news!!

  • I am thrilled, too! I saw Pitre for the first time 9 years ago at the US premiere of Mamma Mia in San Francisco, and she was just terrific, a lot of personality, charisma and great pipes.

    B&B loved her the moment they saw her auditioning for the role of Donna for the first North American Mamma Mia production in Toronto.
    She got a lot of acclaim and awards for it.

    She should be awesome as Ulrika!

  • I love Louise Pitre! This is wonderful news.

  • Saw her on Broadway- she is brilliant!! Can’t wait to see the show on 24th!! 😉

  • Louise was at the premiere of MM! the movie, and I spoke to her and her husband at the Central Park Boathouse afterparty. She is indeed a wonderful person, and I believe casting her as Ulrika was a superb choice!

  • This is beyond awesome. She IS Donna to me.

  • Check out this link for a little-known performance by Louise.

    In addition to looking exactly what I thought Moberg imagined Ulrika to look like, she definitely can dig down for the kind of rough edges a character like that should possess:


  • Louise Pitre first knocked my socks off when I saw her in Mamma Mia! in the first production in San Francisco. And again in Los Angeles, then Chicago, and finally Broadway. She is incredibly talented. I’ve followed her career ever since, but sadly have not been able to travel to any of her subsequent shows.

    All of her albums are brilliant, and if you really want to check out something spectacular, try to get a hold of a copy of her cast recording for ‘Could You Wait’ which is from the show Louise did with her husband Joe. Its a WWII era tale with some really great songs, some known, some new, but really show off Louise’s vocal chops. More information about it is on my blog:


  • It would be great if the Kristina site put up a copy of her rendition of ‘Winner Takes It All’ for us to listen to but I guess that is wishful thinking!!

  • Åse Bergh was fantastic in that role:


    I can’t wait to see Louise’s interpretation

  • What a wonderful news is this, I saw Louise Pitre at the premiere in NY. She is one of my favourite Donna’s.
    She is a talented woman and on top of it she is a wonderful person. I will never forget how much time she took for the fans after the show.

    So three great singers we know now who follows.

  • I was excited to hear this news and have been a big fan of Ms Pitre’s since her performance in Les Miz here in Toronto so many years ago. I’m fortunate that she plays so many local venues as both actress and songstress. I recently saw her perform as Judas Iscariot’s mother in "The Last Days of Judas Iscariot". Once of the most breathtaking plays I’ve ever seen and though her role was small-ish, she was brilliant. I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing her at the Old Mill and recently bought tickets to see her upcoming show at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts with Jackie Richardson. Will be a night to remember for sure. I am busily hunting down this CD (Kristina) as I have been ingtrigued with it since I heard of it’s inception a decade ago.

  • Try the Abba Fan Club shop for 3 CD set of Kristina in Swedish!

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