ABBAWORLD set for world premiere in London

ABBAWORLD looks set to become one of London’s most exciting experiences, bringing fans closer than ever before to the band by using state of the art technology and displaying previously unseen film and memorabilia across 30,000 square feet of space.

Magnus Danielsson, president of Touring Exhibitions, the company behind the project of celebrating the legendary group, is looking forward to the premiere: “We are moving ahead according to plan and we have found the perfect place and location for the world premiere of ABBAWORLD.

The venue selected for the world premiere of ABBAWORLD is a closely guarded secret whilst the necessary preparations take place; however, it is located in the heart of London’s West End, close to public transport, and it will meet the highest expectations of the fans of ABBA.

“It’s somewhat fitting that ABBAWORLD will make its premiere in the UK – the band have topped the charts here more times than anywhere else in the world. I am incredibly excited to be involved in something that is already generating an extraordinary level of interest” comments Phil Bowdery, President of Touring for Live Nation, the local promoter of ABBAWORLD.

Details of venue, premiere, on-sale date, and how to buy tickets will be released at a later point.


ABBAWORLD is a unique touring exhibition filled with music, original costumes, history, images, instruments and never-before-displayed memorabilia from the ABBA´s recording and performing heyday. ABBAWORLD is an interactive experience featuring the latest technology in sound, visuals, multimedia and communications. It is the only exhibition of its kind, with memorabilia approved by ABBA. Most of the items have been supplied exclusively by the quartet: Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson, Björn Ulvaeus, and Agnetha Fältskog.

For updated information please register at (due September 18)

About Touring Exhibitions

Touring Exhibitions creates exhibition experiences for all audiences and is backed by Polar Music, which is part of Universal Music Group; Eventum Exhibitions, with roots from Live Nation; Parks & Resorts Scandinavia; Synergera Rättighetsförvaltning; and an investment group led by Investering i Kunskap.


  • Oh wow! I’m so excited about this. Londoners have been so lucky this year ABBA-wise!

  • This year is amazing with ABBA related things…
    Bad for my wallet though lol.Really looking forward to seeing this.
    According to the above and the email I got, an update is due 18th September.

  • I wonder where it will be? Central London? Public transport? My money is on the O2 – having seen the size of it from the model in the video – only the 02 arena will have enough room. I can’t think of anywhere in central london that will have the space. I hope it is the O2- I work right next door to it.

  • O2? No, too far out I’d say. Think more central, like maybe the Covent Garden area 😉

  • I can’t think where though – look at the model – it needs a lot of floorspace in what seems to be a very fixed grid design – I can’t think of any central london exhibition space that can take that. My money is still on the O2…but we shall see. What about the Trocadero. Isn’t that undergoing a change of use at the moment? That could be used too.

  • Well, since they say ‘the heart of London’s West End’ it ain’t O2! I really can’t think where.. Trocadero? That’s been sitting practically empty for ages, though it is an odd building.

  • i think it could well be in the trocadero,you can’t get more central and there always seem to be new things added every so often…

  • Surely there’s not enough room in the Trocadero?

  • Dont be fooled – the top floor of the Trocadero is huge, but the staircase does go up through the middle – the ABBAworld model would need a bit of re-jigging.

  • I walked paast the Trocadero today and it seems to be the obvious place. Central and directly opposite Mamma Mia. There seems to be no exhibition on there at the moment!!!!

  • Has anybody else tried to get onto the ABBAworld website. I tried yesterday and this morning and it is not working. Perhaps they are updating it, they were doing a countdown to the launch of the site with about 3 days to go when I last looked at it on Monday. Really looking forward to this event coming to London. I wonder if Benny or Bjorn will there on opening day.

  • Yes, the Trocadero was the obvious location and the first thing that came to mind though, as Finesse points out, it is an odd shape. The top floor is big, however, and I can’t imagine that they would have designed this experience without the capability of it being jiggled around a bit to suit a range of venues. The short video the about it showed a series of themed units that should be easily adjustable, even separated, for places that use a number of rooms (like an art gallery). I really can’t think of anywhere else in the West End indoors that’s of any size.

  • The ABBAWORLD web-site goes live in about 24 hours’ time – maybe they will announce where then ??

  • Web site now live and I have signed up.
    Its a very proffesional site, but still no opening date or location in London.
    Hope date listed soon so I can book train tickets and hotels in advance!

  • when does it start ?

  • Does anyone else thing this is not actually going to happen?

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