Benny talks about the Hyde Park ABBA celebration on Radio 2


  • Keep listening to the interview after S.O.S is played as the organisers of the concert talk about various plans for the show.

  • This is a really great interview with both Benny and the musical director of MM and the show. It starts after about 1 hour 10 mins into the show.


  • everyone singing at the end "medley" and a huge firework display !!

  • It sounds amazing , I don?t think I will be in London , but will listen on the radio,
    The excitement of Hampstead heath would be difficult to recreate, even with fireworks,

  • Does this concert be realesed in DVD?

  • The concert is confirmed to be broadcast live on BBC radio 2 on sunday 13th September from 1830-2130 UK time.
    No details on any tv showings yet but the tickets do say that the event will be filmed.

  • ABBAsolutely looking forward to this event. We went to Hampstead Heath and enjoyed it but we never been to a major music concert before but who could say no to a celebration of ABBA the biggest group of all time. Superb.

  • Just to say the thing on the tickets about filming is standard – they put it on all tickets so no-one can object if it’s filmed and they suddenly see themelves on it! It’s not any indication that it will definitely be done so please don’t raise your hopes, with this many artists involved it can get difficult to release dvds etc

  • This is a brilliant interview – Can’t wait for the show this Sunday – Also just heard Bjorn Again are to perform at Hamilton Park Racecourse on September 20th.

  • Unless I’ve missed something – it appears odd to me that, in all the ad clips – R2, internet, mags etc, no mention of Dancing Queen for the concert. A little voice, that won’t go away, keeps wondering if it is being reserved for something REALLY special on the night……..

  • According to the running list it’s being done near the end by the cast of Mamma Mia – along with Mamma Mia and Waterloo!

  • Our Thankyou for the music tickets say we can’t use cameras, what about if we want to take photo’s just for personal memories, is this aloud. Does anybody know? will we be let in if we have a camera with us?

  • I can’t get enough of ABBA’s music. They are brilliant musicians. The show is a bit far away for me so I’m going to see Bjorn Again at Hamilton Park Racecourse. (If you’re interested too the tickets are from 01698 283 806.)

  • Good question steve.
    I was also planning to take my photocamera with me to the concert.But now I don’t know what to do.
    I’m also affraid that they don’t let you in,when you have a camera with you.But if photo-cameras are not allowed,what about mobile phones with cameras.
    They are easy to get passed the controllers.
    If bringing your own camera isn’t allowed,then a lot of people will be dissaponted,because you can’t take photos for your personal memories,and that’s a pity.

  • Hello magazine is this week carrying an interview with Bjorn ahead of Sundays Hyde Park concert.

  • With regards to cameras, I’ve been to several Hyde Park concerts, and they do allow camera’s in, providing they are not professional. Not that I have ever seen them search for a camera anyway
    Digi cams are fine! At the end of the day, the battle of stopping cameras into concerts ended with the advancement of the mobile phone.

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