Hyde Park concert to be released on BBC DVD



  • Wow!!!! Fantastic news. Any idea when it will be released?

  • I thought it would be.

  • I had a feeling it would be or a TV special for BBC4 at Christmas at least. There were far too many Cameras simply for the giant screens and that event must have cost millions and the dear old BBC does like to recoup its dosh these days.
    Lets hope the same team edit it and theres bound to be loeads of back stage material and interviews, both visually and audially. Great news.

  • Fantastic news – any idea when it will be available?

  • Just A Thought! Maybe it will be broadcast on TV first. Hope So.

  • That, great news

    I was out of London at the weekend , but I listened to the concert on the bbc I player and it is totally superb,

    Way better than any of the ABBA mania programs

  • I’m REALLY pleased they are releasing this special night for all to see- the atmosphere was amazing..and for those who couldnt make it- it will be priceless, for those of us who did make it, it will be great to re-live it over and over again
    Terry ;-))

  • It was mentioned by Chris Evans briefly on his Radio 2 show – no news on release date yet apart from the fact that ‘before Christmas’ is a prospect…


  • Brilliant! Really hope this is true – would happily buy it just for Marti Pellow and Elaine Paige. It was a great night and I’d love to be able to see it again – and forward the bits I didn’t like to make it the perfect viewing

  • I wondered that when I saw some of the footage and photos and there were crane cameras. Not the usual thing for just projecting on the big screens. Probably a Christmas shopping spree release.

  • WOW,Great news.I hope this is true.But isn’t hard to get permission of all the artist involved to get this event released on DVD?I could think that there are some artist who didn’t have their day(to say it kind)regarding to their singing,will not be happy if their performance is shown on a dvd.
    Chris, Holland.

  • Artistes dont have to give their permission anymore in the way that they used to, or with Archive material , as all future rights and existing right, merchandising rights etc would have been included in the origional contracts that the BBC would have made from the start. The kind of blocking and blackmailing tatics that so-called stars have used in the past, to stop releases, screenings etc were changed quite a few years ago…in the UK certainly.

  • I so hope it is released. Fingers crossed. Was a brilliant atmosphere.

  • I hope they release it in its entirety, it still bugs me that we only got an edited version of the ’79 tour. As we’re all saying, Fingers Crossed!

  • great concert woud have been even better if frida and agnetha had been there mind having all the origanal musicians and anders elijas was top

  • Awsome, as above fingers crossed, not just highlights : – )

  • Mmmmm.

    Not 100% sure about this.. The atmosphere in the park was incredible, 36,000 people singing "Fernando" brought tears to my eyes but I did feel there were a few rather disappointing performances.(and the sound system could have done with an overhaul). How well it will come across on DVD I’m not sure. Remain to be convinced, but would buy the DVD anyway just to be able to say "I was there!"


  • I hope they release it in its entirety, it still bugs me that we only got an edited version of the ’79 tour. As we’re all saying, Fingers Crossed!

  • Will buy this as long as it has Elaine Paige on! One advantage of dvd is the sound will be sorted – the concert sounds quite different on iplayer in some places to the live sound

  • I’m looking forward to this as well.

    BBC, please release in its entirety. NOTHING left out!

    Preferably both CD and DVD… (am listening to it now on iPlayer)

  • (To Phil D)If you listened to the concert on the iplayer, you’ll hear the sound was great!. At the concert, the wind caused the sound to drift, so it did sound bad at times. I hope this does come out on DVD, but I am not hopeful. The concert followed the annual Proms in the Park finale, which is televised, hence lots of cameras being there. The same situation happen last year when they held a concert for Andrew Lloyd Webbers 60th Birthday, that has never been on TV or DVD. Maybe, we will all have to start lobbying the BBC for a release or an airing at least! It was a great and memorable day, so glad I was there.

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