Kristina’s no Dancing Queen, say ABBA kings Benny & Björn

Do these two ba-zillionaires look happy? Well, they should. Sure, ABBA frontmen Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus have created one of the most successful musical franchises in history with Mamma Mia!, but what they’d really been itching to do is tell you the story of Kristina, which tells of a group of Swedish immigrants who settle in 19th century Minnesota.

The talented duo has been working for over a decade to get the show to Broadway, and next week, they’re one step closer. Kristina, which played Stockholm in the 1990s, will have a New York premiere at Carnegie Hall on September 23 and 24, with Swedish star Helen Sjöholm and Mamma Mia! Tony nominee Louise Pitre featured in the cast. Learn more about Kristina in the video above!


  • Thanks Ice for this wonderful footage, sittin her behind my computer I’m getting more and more excited about going to NY.
    See you there kram Anita

  • Oh my. I’m so jealous of everyone who is goign there now. I’m a teacher and I can’t take time off, but I’m seriously thinking of throwing a sicky. I just have to be there, Without it I’m lost in the dark!

  • @Finnesse,
    I’m a teacher, too, and got a slap on the wrist for taking days off. But…. after waiting for 14 years for Kristina to come to the U.S., I don’t care 🙂

  • Still no mention let alone sight or sound of Russell Watson!
    This is beginning to bother me. Can anyone shed some light?

  • There has been no official announcement regarding Russell and yes, it also worries me.

    I really do hope everything is okay.

  • Russell was still in the UK earlier this week as he won ‘male rear(bottom)of the year’ alongside Rachel Stevens.He posed for photos to receive his award.(tues 15th Sept).
    Unless i’m mistaken there is a group photo i’ve seen somewhere on the net of the Kristina cast and someone who looks similar to Russell is on the far left side but it’s not exactly a great photo.It does seem very bizarre he hasn’t attended any interview.

  • On September 11, he was due to sing at The British Memorial Garden in Hanover Square, New York but I don’t know if actually performed.

    Perhaps a RW fan could step in and advise.

    If he was in the US on September 11 and in the UK on September 15, maybe he was simply between continents at the time of the press call.

  • Have made another post – but we spotted Russel Watson running in Central Park today (Saturday) so at least he is in town.


  • Thanks Jason 🙂

  • Hi there,

    Glad someone spotted him!! Was beginning to think he was the ‘Invisible Man’.

    Russell did sing on 11th September in the British Memorial Gardens and when we catch up with him, we’ll ask why he missed the photo call.

    Think the pictures for the ‘Rear of the Year’ award were taken before he went, in his garden by the look of them.

    There are a crowd of Russell fans meeting at the Red Eye Grill opposite Carnegie Hall on Wednesday at 5, come and join us.

  • Hi Sheringdale – I’ve subsequently heard that Russell was poorly on the day of the press call.

  • Nice to know Russell is there and doing ok.
    I did wonder why he would fly back after the Sept 11th memorial service for a photo call for ‘rear of the year’ especially as Louise said the full cast had done a full run through..I bet Helen and Russell together sound wonderful already.
    Not long to go now ……..

  • Benny Andersson is wonderful composer. Kristina is one of his best works. It is feeling and it is melodic in a way that you should look in Verdis music to get some like that. I started as a composer in denmark because of Anderssons feeling in music. He means really much to me. Much more than Lennon and McCartny

  • The musical was absolutely amazing. Being 1/4 Swedish and having done recent genealogy, it was extremely moving to think of my own relatives making that journey. Being a huge fan of Russell’s, it was wonderful to see/hear him sing in a different manner than his usual wonderful concerts. He can do no wrong in my book. I felt the music suited him very well and he sounded marvelous with the beautiful voice of Helen Sjöholm. They made a stunning couple. I was in tears more than once during the performace…especially at the end along with Russell! I can barely wait for the Live CD to be released. Hope it makes it into full production in English somewhere in the world! Ideally in New York or London….

    Thanks for a beautiful evening (the 24th) Benny and Björn!

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