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  • Mmmmmm gorgeous ! I’m like a child waiting for Christmas…..! This one is going to be so special to me !!


  • Thanks Ice. HMV in the UK have the Deluxe version for £10.99 at the mo!

  • No news about the Blu Ray release 🙁

  • Cooee Ice! Thank you for always keeping us so well updated, and with such magnificent consistency! I hope you have some time for yourself ;o) Your trip to see Kristina in New York was well deserved!

    I’m sure this DVD will be another wonderful treat to complement our collective collections. I really hope this goes well, so Universal will continue with a series of these for each country that ABBA visited… that’d be fantastic!

    Counting down the days ’til it arrives.

    Cheers from Oz,


  • Really looking forward to this DVD release. Another chance to see the amazing ABBA perform some amazing songs. Im a teenager so obviously wasn’t around when ABBA was together so I adore anything that enables me to see them perform.
    Can’t wait.

  • This is going to be my Christmas day viewing as treated myself to the 2 dvd set(as a kid in the 70’s there was always something ABBA as a christmas present for me).I got the email today over the dvd and interesting to see the second disc is a documentary from 1980 while ABBA were doing their tour there.I’m also looking forward to the extras such as sticker and postcards.I have quite a good copy of the original ‘live’show from 1978 so it’s the extra footage that interests me most.

  • I think it is a pity that this release has a higher priority than a long awaited voulez-vous special edition release. After all, it is 30 since one of
    pop-history greatet albums was released.
    Having said that, i´ll know who´s running to the store to by the special ed. of this DVD on the 26th

  • Couldn’t believe it when the DVD dropped through my letter-box this morning (even in spite of the postal strike in the UK) – from HMV, deluxe edition of course! Haven’t had a chance to sit down and watch all of it yet, but the few bits I’ve glanced look great. In the studio performances Agnetha in particular looks really relaxed, she moves and dances a lot more than she ever seemed to in many of the European TV performances. The footage on the bonus disc from the 1980 tour is really interesting, lots of candid scenes – again the live performances seem somehow more relaxed than the European/US tour footage that we’re more familiar with. Real shame that audio from the live concert performances (of the Voulez Vous album tracks in particular $e.g. As Good As New, IIWFTN) has been overdubbed with the studio recordings (I guess the concert recordings were never handled subsequently by B&B and are therefore not of good enough quality) as it’s totally out of synch – but, all the same, great to see this footage. Overall a real treat.

  • Anyone else have trouble getting a copy? 1 HMV near me said they’d been delayed and were awaiting stock, the other said they hadn’t ordered any. I didn’t order online as I really wanted it today and didn’t want to chance postal delays etc. Gutted :o(

  • Received the Deluxe edition today from HMV. Have watched the first disk and it was brilliant. The sticker and photocards are a great extra for fans such as myself. This is a great addition to my ABBA DVD collection.

  • I also waited until today and went to HMV in Southend and guess what? No copies in store. When I asked they checked and said none had been ordered. This is the only record shop left so there was nowhere else to go. So I have now ordered it from HMV online instead and paid extra for priority postage as the postal strike is set to start on Thursday. I can’t wait to have an Abba night!

  • Received the Delux Edition past saturday.Ordered at the ABBFfanclub in Roosendaal!
    Great DVD’s, altough the second disc is more for the die-hard ABBAfans.

  • Finally got my copy today. HMV were telling me conflicting info (as usual no one knows what the hell they’re talking about!) So tried an independent record store in town and they had both editions – so I bought 1 of each! Was just happy to finally get my mits on it! Off now to view :o)

  • Please help: I have been reading about a Abba in Japan "Special limited Edition" and a "Deluxe Edition " What’s the difference ? I have ordered mine through the link on this site at but it doesnt specify it it’s the deluxe or the limited special edition. Help please!
    GREETINGS Markus

  • Hi Markus, I’m guessing that they are the same thing. Basically if the one you ordered has two discs (as in the link I have to’s product) then you’ll be getting all there is to get as far as I know!

  • Just watched both DVDs of ABBA on Japan. What a brilliant edition to my ABBA collection. I thought I had seen almost everything there is about ABBA and with the advent of "You Tube" that is quite possible! But I was amazed that I hadn’t seen any of the contents before! It is a wonderful, nostalgic trip back happier times. The thing that struck me most was just how genouingly happy, nice and down to earth ABBA are, very unaware of how huge stars they are. Agnetha hugs everyone she meets and seems far removed from the shy reclouse we hear about. I was half way through the second DVD before I remembered that Agnetha and Bjorn were devorced at this time, they seem so relaxed with each other, it was only when Lena apears that I remembered! Two scenes are touching, one is when Agnetha and Frida are waltzing on stage cheek to cheek during rehersals, so much for hating each other. The second is Benny and Frida embracing and then realizing they are being filmed. This is by far the most candid documentry I have seen about ABBA and really shows what a ball they had. Can’t wait to watch it again, highly recommended, more please.
    much for hating each other and the second is Benny

  • Dear Ice : Thank you so much, for a minute there I was freaking out (smile).
    I cant wait to get the DVD!!!!
    You have a great day !

    Greetings to all ABBA fans around the world, Abba have a special place in my heart!!!!
    Greetings also to Benny,Frida,Agnetha and Bjoern!

    Love u guys !!!!!!

  • Hi all, from Oz.

    I love this disk set so much!

    And I agree with Gerry’s comments.

    Just seeing A, B, B and A being real makes this set all worthwhile, let alone the performances.

    As well as the examples that Gerry mentioned, I also love the other bits where Frida and Benny are being playful with each other, including Frida doing a quick caress of Benny’s beard in between two songs… to which he bends back from the piano towards her in response. And where they react to each other while the group performs a song. Oh, and also when they both sing that Swedish squirrel song together on the walkway at the airport.

    By the way, as the Swedish captions do no show the text of the words to that Squirrel song, does anyone out there know what the Swedish lyrics are (I recognised a few of the Swedish words, but but not enough to sing along to ;o)

    One thing I also loved from this set was seeing Benny enjoy himself so much when he’s behind the piano… his enthusiasm when he performs really adds to any TV show or concert footage.

    Mr Ice… could you please help me with a question? I’d love to know who we can specifically write to at Universal (email or letter), who will take our hints for suggestions for future ABBA goodies. As I’ve mentioned before, I think it’d be great if Universal released DVD sets of ABBA TV specials from other countries, and it’d be great if there was a specific person at Universal that we could contact who would understand our fannish wishes, rather than an anonymous contact point via any of the international Universal websites. Thanks.

    Cheers, Tony.

  • For those of you in the UK who never ordered on-line – HMV indeed seemed to suffer from a lack of in-store copies earlier in the week (for whatever reason), but stocks are now in (both versions). However, current prices appear to be markedly higher than the store’s on-line shop – £12.99 in-store for the single disc and £14.99 for the 2-disc version…..

  • I watched the dvd’s last night. Very impressed. The quality is amazing. The picutres is crystal clear and the audio tracking is knockout. I think they may have used the Super High Quality masters as released in Japan recently. One disappointment is the fact that the live footage from 1980 was not accompanied by the live audio and instead speeded up studio recordings have been used to accompany the footage instead. On the whole though this package is a classy product. The touching behind the scenes footage left me spell bound.

    Now all i want is ABBA In Switzerland, ABBA in Poland and ABBA in Spain! Typical fan eh, never satisfied, always wanting more.

    (As for HMV, i think they are fairly anti ABBA, i remember a store that when ‘ABBA Gold’ returned to the top 5 in the wake of Mamma mia, the HMV store did not display the ABBA c.d’s in the chart display front of store section, instead they put ‘Mamma mia’ c.d’s in place of ‘Gold’, this was despite the fact that the store had ‘Gold’ in stock in the ABBA section further back in the store!)

  • just watched ABBA in Japan for a second time and its still fantastic viewing. Agnetha is amazing in this DVD, so confident both on stage and off.How did she become so shy and afraid of crowds? Frida is,as usual full of life and enjoying every second of performing to an audience. Benny is as amazing as ever and has to be THE coolest star on the planet,no DIVA moments even when he’s asked to not smoke on the plane.Bjorn is super confident and as always the spokesman for the group,BUT, where on earth did he get those clothes from? He wears the shiniest leather jacket ever made and towards the end of the second DVD wears a strange striped jacket thingy…I don’t recall ever seeing those in any magazine photo’s.Got to love him. I thought it strange that Gorel Hanser doesn’t make an appearance, even if it was just in the background?
    Just a thought if anyone within the ABBA/Universal camp are reading. Could we have the same DVD treatment for ABBA in Switzerland, including some backstage anticks? Just a thought guys.

    best wishes to all, Gerry [uk]

  • I wondered whether Bjorn’s wardrobe make over was courtesy of Lena!!! What about the Brown leather pants!!! I’m sure Agnetha would never had let him wear those!!!

  • Universal, this is a genious move. I ordered ABBA in Japan, but I’m missing ABBA In Switzerland,ABBA in Spain,ABBA in Poland. Basically ABBA around the world. If you build it, they will come.

    Thanks ICE for keeping us informed!

  • I love Bjorn in his leathers!!!Cool!! ;-))

  • I received my Dvd on Saturday, I have to admit I had tears in my eyes when Eagle started playing. What a gorgeous set, Abba looked like they were floating in the air. The girls seemed to have so much fun performing, really beautiful. Funny at the end when all that glitter fell on the girls, trying to get it out of there mouth, so cute. I enjoyed one of my favorite songs of all time " That’s me". A really great Dvd, unfortunately mine did not come with a sticker or postcard.

    Much love to all ABBA Fans as usual,


  • I agree with all Markus’ comments! Eagle is just stunning and Thats Me is one of my all time fav tracks…the crazy dancers make me laugh though!!Great to have this at last in crystal clear quality!! Hugs, Terry x

  • Gerry- Agnetha and Bjorn were not divorced at the time of the Japanese 78 Special! Bjorn walked out on Christmas Eve 78, and they announced the divorce in January 79. The 78 Special was filmed in Nov 78. I love this show as ABBA are 2 married couples here -very rare and for a short period-and they all look really happy..;-))

  • That’s one of my favorite era when both Agnetha & Frida looks absolutely beautiful and amazingly sexy and I’m glad they captured that during an 1 hour TV Show, wearing their dance costumes. I guess for the fans, it’s also moving to see them behind the stage, it’s quite unusual (with the exception of Abba the movie).
    I’ve just have a regret in the 2nd DVD that the film of the live part couldn’t have been synchronised with the sound, it gave a weird impression.
    It makes me hope that they could released other long TV Shows like that (Abba in Poland or Abba in Leysin). It could be also a great idea to put together also the different released songs that they sang during TV shows or filmed concerts from "people need love" to "the day before you came"

  • I’ve watched each disc 2 times now and it’s GREAT!!! My eyes are always glued to Agnetha whenever she is on screen. She is just amazing! I love the scene when Agnetha and Friday are dancing cheek-to-cheek during rehearsals and Agnetha is stretching in her bathrobe on stage. Frida is stunning and I love it when she does her "yodeling"…Benny is so relaxed, as is Bjorn, except he looked a little "excited" in those brown leather pants in that one scene. Oh my! This is a wonderful release, thank you so much! I miss and love you ABBA!

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