ABBA in Japan – links to order via Amazon (Updated)

Despite the release being fairly imminent, details are still sketchy on Amazon but at least it has started appearing fairly widely. I could find no mention of the Blu-ray release on any of the sites. 

ABBA in Japan on DVD coming soon

ABBA in Japan DVD –  international release date: 26 October*

* = varies according to territory

ABBA In Japan – 2 DVD Deluxe Edition – Amazon USA

Abba In Japan – 2 DVD Deluxe Edition – Amazon UK

ABBA Live In Japan – 1 DVD – Amazon UK

Abba – In Japan – 2 DVD Deluxe Edition Amazon Germany

Abba – In Japan – 1 DVD Amazon Germany

Abba In Japan – 2 DVD Deluxe Edition Amazon France

Abba In Japan – 1 DVD Amazon France

Abba In Japan – 2 DVD Deluxe Edition Amazon Canada

ABBA: Live in Japan – 1 DVD Amazon Canada

ABBA in Japan DVD – International release date and more details


  • HMV.CO.UK have the double in Japan dvd for pre-order at £10.99 and single disc at £8.99.
    Also the ABBA albums boxset is currently £13.99!

  • There is also "ABBA in Japan" [Polish edition]. Universal Poland releases some albums and dvds in a low budget package so it seems it’s the exemple for this:,699016.html

  • I am slightly confused…is ABBA in Japan DVD going to be on sale in the uk in shops such as HMV?

  • Yes Gerry – it will be available at both and and all other major UK online CD/DVD stores.

  • thanks for clearing that up for me ice, looking foreward to seeing it online, cheers.

  • Cooee from Oz.

    The double-DVD is available for pre-order at

    Need I say… "YAY! ;o)

    I looked at a a few key Australian websites, and was surprised that they had nothing in their ‘dvd-coming-soon’ listings. Naturally, moi has ordered a copy.

    Woohoo! I Can’t wait! Yipee! :o)

    Cheers, Tony!

  • Play.Com has the release date as 26/10/09!! Both versions…so you can pre-order..


  • The single and double edition are available for pre-order at CDWow with free delivery all around the globe. But I want the Blu Ray, I wasn’t able to find any news about it.

  • Also, the ‘Abba in Japan’ Blu-Ray release is listed at American store ‘’ for $19.69, with a release date of Nov 3rd….seems a good price to me !!

  • today’s Herald Sun newspaper (Aust) said the Abba in Japan dvd was out here in Australia on 23 Oct. 🙂

  • Very excited … just ordered Deluxe edition from for £10.99 and free delivery to UK. Much cheaper than having it on order months ago from CD Japan which cost about £50! Looking forward to this, especially the mysterious 1980 doco.

  • Will the blu-ray have the same as the deluxe edition of the DVD? Anyone know?

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