Benny and Björn plan new musical

and that a subject has been chosen.

Björn said, to a Danish newspaper: They’re discussing ideas with Catherine Johnson. "One has to admit that this is a team that has functioned together before", he said.

Björn was quick to point out that he can add no more detail at the moment. 

Mamma Mia! opens at Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen on October 15, 2010 (thank you Johnny!).


  • ….Wow…I was wondering when we’d hear something!!!! Wonder what the theme is!!!! Good luck with it guys!!!

  • I hope they take some sound advice from a decent producer and dramatist first this time. Chess is a wonderful story but is flawed in the way it is put together and Kristina is far too episodic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more a fan of their musicals than ABBA, I just think they need a bit of help in this department. I remember years ago when Kristina had just been completed they talked of a musical for children – I wonder if this is at the heart of their idea.

  • No matter what Benny and Björn’s chosen subject matter, I’m sure we will see something as diverse, magical and majestic as Kristina från Duvemåla. And no matter how long it takes to hone the musical’s quality, I’m sure that it will definitely be worth the wait, with Benny and Björn’s usual focus on refinement, quality and detail. Take as long as you want, boys… best wishes, and good luck :o)

  • I’ve got a feeling it will be a pop musical; The song "2nd best to none" and the brilliant, but unusual BAO song "Story of a heart" were, to my idea, trials to write new pop songs. With Universal wanting a follow-up to Mamma Mia! and Amanda Seyfried’s comment (I’m sure B&B won’t do a follow-up with ABBA songs), I think there’s a good chance for a pop musical/movie. Personally I don’t care; until now I’ve loved all music B&B made, and I think Kristina is the absolute masterpiece so far. I’m also glad they keep on making new music.We’ll see what happens…

  • I hope the subject isn?t mamma mia two,
    What ever it is they should put it on the stage first them make a film.

  • A new BB musical with more mature but still vibrant pop songs is what I would want most from them.

    However I don’t think they should sink Mamma Mia 2 just because they do this. Benny does not need to be the musical producer and pianoplayer for a follow up in order for it to have a good sound. On the contrary I feel that his production choices for Mamma Mia was a bit to conservative and plain – though I guess he would disagree.

    I see Mamma Mia 2 (with a few added songs) as a great training ground for BB in order to be able to produce an entirely new modern pop musical with a more mature sound.

    But time flies and I understand I they want to venture on a new musical a soon as possible and without other distractions and perhaps it would feel tough to waste any good new material on a sequel.

    Bennys weaknesses as a composer in my mind has been an exagerated femininity and youthfulness on to many songs aswell as an overusage of march tempo on the other. Though one could claim that this has been part of his strength as well since together with his great feeling for harmonies it has created a unique sound.

    But I would really love if Benny would try to compose some pop music that was a bit more "masculine" as well as "mature" though combined with his humane sensibilities.

  • I partially agree with "swedish listener". I will like a new pop musical with vibrant harmonies but with much modern sounds and with mature lyrics and a real dramaturgy (Cabaret for instance is a good example of a mix of human sensibility and a deep thougths about a difficult era). I also like the idea to combine humor and something who gives you another light about life. and finally, I would be interested to listen more songs lead by a man, personnally I would choose someone like Peter Jöback to be the hero, powerful voice, a lot of sensibility, & open to unwaited musical choices

  • Mamma Mia opens at Oct. 15 2010, and not in may as stated…

  • I think it will be their natural intention to move away from the Swedish folk style of Kristina into something more contemporary, but who knows!

  • Benny seems very disconnected from the "contemporary". If they really want to produce a more modern sound it would be interesting to see Benny and Bjorn go back to old way of writing and producing together.

  • If you consider that Björn is the lyricist and Benny the musician and if you remember that Benny said recently that he was mostly listening to classical music, you would guess that his next musical project will be something more serious and not that much into a pop comedy.

    Besides, although ‘Second best to none’ and even more ‘Story of a heart’ would make you think in another way, Benny has emphasized that he wasn’t able to lean on the pop side anymore. And saying it, he is probably wise as none of these songs were actually commercial success. Even if you (and surely me) looove them two !

    No one can deny that Mamma Mia was a success but one should consider that ALL its music was written 25/35 years ago.

    No matter what, Benny is an absolute master to me and even with classical music, I am sure he would never forget the sense of melody which is the trademark that never disappointed me.

    It will surely be difficult to wait during the long time of the building process.

  • yea thats great i hope that there will be great songs mind being benny thats a certiatly kristinas you have to be there is such an amazing masterpiece go on amaze us guys

  • Thanks as always for keeping us up to date, Ice.

    I’m delighted to hear the two gentlemen are thinking about creating something new. The musical journey which these two composers have taken me on since I fell in love with their music in 1976 has been across such beautiful, exciting and varied terrain that I cannot believe they’ll take me anywhere I won’t be delighted to go. So I’m content to look forward to the ride as and when it comes, and wherever it goes:

    "för dit du gar, gar ocksa jag"


  • Some of you swedish reading people around the globe might also be able to read the danish writing in this link to Tivoli in Copenhagen about Mamma Mia, ticket prices, where to book etc;

    Unfortunately the translation for info on Mamma Mia at the top of the page doesn’t work.

  • I am of course absolutely confident that B & B are fully capable of surprising us with wonderful new music, songs as well as instrumentals….still, it would be a great shame if the ABBA songs that remained unused in Mamma Mia would not be given a second lease of life. There are jsut so many intensely romatic works out there – My Love My Life, I Wonder, Like an Angel Passing through My Room, I Let the Music Speak….they are the wings on which I, and so many with me, would like to see Sophie fly into the world and show us how she is going to cope with life as a young woman – like her mother did before her. Amanda is totally made for this role. If they would grant me the privilege of spending five minutes with them, then I would humbly reassure B & B that a Mamma Mia sequel would become another richly deserved musical triumph! This time though, I would like to do a little less dancing in the aisle and instead cry a couple of real good tears of happiness in my theatre seat! If B & B could get their hands on a totally original story, one that gives a fresh start to Sophie and offers us a new perspective on that special mother-daughter relationship, then we will love them for all the right reasons. That Universal would make a bucket of dollars in the process would in no way diminish our appreciation for their musical miracles. Dear B & B: check that drawer and go for it!!

  • I hope that Benny and Björn do try a musical for children. If they do, I wonder if they will make up their own narrative or perhaps write one that is inspired by a traditional Swedish story. Either way, I’m sure they will do something very wonderful.

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