Benny plays at Dalarna museum

Benny and Orsa Spelman

Photo: Staffan Björklund

Benny’s appearance was kept secret by Museuem boss Jan Reihle. Benny donated pieces by Peter Johansson from his own collection to the museum and also offered, along with Orsa Spelman to play a few numbers on the piano and accordion.

Of course, that was an offer that couldn’t be refused, and soon enough the short show was on – with cameras flashing livening up the event somewhat!

Kalle Moraeus also took the opportunity to say how the acquaintance with Benny started. "It happened at a gig. Benny came over and asked what song they had played."/p>

We immediately recognised him. Then he asked if we wanted to do a record with him and it has just gone on from there."


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