Benny’s film music featured in the top two…

More Benny music (leftovers from sessions for Sånger från andra våningen) is in film choice #5 (Du levande), and ABBA’s SOS is featured prominently in film #6. 

The #1 movie De ofrivilliga features the BAO song Briggens blåögda blonda kapten (with lots of added reverb!).

Agnetha’s Försonade is in Let The Right One In (#4).

You can see details of all ten movies and cool trailers at SvD’s website.

"De ofrivilliga" årtiondets bästa svenska film – SvD


  • I should like to listen to benny andersson playing solo on his grand piano. Without any singing artist. He is a great classical composer and you can just listen to Kristina to hear what i mean. But Benny make some solo playing like intermezzo no. 1. Graeting from Henrik Wellejus dk

  • I love song fromthe second floor.

  • I agree with Henrik, my big dream is to have a piano only or symphonic CD by Benny without his Oumpapa band or a CD where he would cover with his keyboard some ABBA, Kristina etc songs

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