Kristina headed for The Royal Albert Hall in April 2010?

Keep April 14 free in your diaries as Kristina could well be headed for London’s Royal Albert Hall featuring most of the cast that appeared in New York. This is an early shout-out – and it must be said that there is still a way to go before it is confirmed, but as I like to bring you all the news as soon as I hear it, you’ll also hear as soon as I know if it all comes off.


  • WOW cant wait!

  • Such exciting news, hope it comes to fruition.

  • Great news…I hope Helen be in the lead role.
    April is already a good month with the fan club weekend and now the prospect of Kristina in London. Fingers crossed…..
    Thanks Ice…

  • WooHoo!

  • That would be great !

    Just watched Chess at RAH DVD – I was there. The DVD is much better than I thought it would be. Perhaps there will be a DVD of Kristina too.

  • i hope so 🙂 i will be there ! ! !

  • This would be wonderful!!! I also hope Helen will be there.
    Thank you!

  • Count me in – what a dream!

  • Wow indeed. No doubt coinciding with the release of the CD of the New York concert?

    I guess you wouldn’t mention it if you didn’t have some inside info but a lot of things can change between now and then.

    I hope it happens though …


  • Too funny, April 14th is my mom’s birthday. And when the discussion on ABBA Village was about the disappointment over the NY recordings not being released before Christmas, that I chimed in saying I had a feeling, they might surface in April. While this news doesn’t confirm the NY recordings being released in April, it would seem like the Royal Albert Hall event could be a way to promote the album release. It will be interesting to see if that does happen or not. I just had a strong feeling about April when thinking about Kristina.

  • finally!

  • April 14th 1850 was the day Kristina and her fellow passengers left Sweden and embarked upon their epic journey to New York. I suspect its a little more than coincidence that this date exactly 160 years to the day later has been chosen for the RAH concert!

  • how fabuous! A second go, and without the jet lag!!!

  • I have to be there – I have to…! hehe

  • Really hope the cd happens for all of us who went over to NYC!! It is awesome guys…go see it!!

  • Absolutely brilliant news if it comes off!!However, the sound in the RAH isn’t great. Chess sounded dreadful when I was there. Hopefully they’ll pick a better venue.

  • Fantastic news, really hope this will come off with a dvd.

  • That’s great news Ice….looks like I could be winging my way to London next April.
    I missed the New York experience I can’t miss this one too……and it’s just after the ABBA day in Roo. Excellent!!!!

  • Just realized I saw KRISTINA play for the first time in Sweden on 4/14/98.
    Again 4/14

  • Kevin Odekirk just confirmed this on his Facebook page! This is what he wrote:

    "Still working on scheduling, but it appears that April 14th I’ll perform in "Kristina" at Royal Albert Hall, then back again on the 8th of May in London’s O2 Arena with Julie Andrews."

  • How fantastic!
    One little thing though….for those of you who were lucky enough to go to the NY concerts, if this comes off please don’t hog all the tickets, give the rest of us a chance!!!

    Phil x

  • someone noticed the date "April 14th 1850" but I guess april 2010 will probably the date of the out coming doubleCD of Kristina in England, maybe we could hope for a european promotion tour like they did for "Chess" ( I remember seeing "Chess" in concert version in Paris with all the stars at the prestigious Salle Pleyel usually reserved for classical symphonic orchestra). I still have the poster signed backstaged by all, with a gold pen , including B&B…

  • hej
    kristina the musical London is wonderful!!!
    i hope the kristina in london is
    helen sjöholm
    i hope karl oskar is anders ekborg.
    great news for 2010!!!

  • mixed emotions… wasn’t completely convinced after the NY concerts… will probably go though, hope the ‘fans’ behave better this time

    would love to hear some totally NEW songs from B&B !

  • Great news that ‘Kristina’ will come to London – for a few personal reasons the date is not ideal for me, but of course I will be there…..

    Thank you Icey as usual – great job !


  • everybody- YOU HAVE TO BE THERE !

  • A little bird (a tenor actually!!) said April or May when he turned on the lights at the Lowry centre a couple of weeks ago, but that nothing was confirmed yet.

    And it’s a few days after my birthday, so guess I’ll just have to go!!

  • wow what great news, i was lucky enough to go to New york to see this show and it was amazing, I will definately go again if it comes to London !!!!!

  • Ooh sheringdale, thanks for that!! I was at the Lowry as well but never heard him say it – wonderful, will have to be there!!

  • I echo Jos’s sentiments. Kristina in English feels a little like the poor cousin of the original.

  • This news is brilliant.cannot wait for the confirmation.

  • ex news can’t wait!!

  • I have an insider at the RAH who confirmed this was going ahead today.

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