See Mamma Mia! at The O2 Arena in London

Mamma Mia! on a 100ft screen at the O2 arena

Mamma Mia! to be shown on a 100ft screen at The O2 Arena in January

PR release: A giant 100ft screen will be built so an audience of 12,000 can see their favourite movie in all its glory. The audience will be encouraged to dress up in their Mamma Mia! gear and also sing a long to all their favourite ABBA hits.

From West End smash to global phenomenon, Mamma Mia!, the stage show, has already been seen by over 40 million people in over 200 major cities across North America, Australia, Europe and Asia since opening over a decade ago in London. The three women who created the worldwide smash stage hit – global producer, Judy Craymer, writer Catherine Johnson and director Phyllida Lloyd – repeated their roles in bringing the joyful, musical story to the big screen.

The movie has replicated the stage success and has grossed over £69.16 million at the UK box office and has been seen by over 4.6 million people in London. It also is the highest grossing film of all time at the UK and Irish box office.

David Campbell, Chief Executive and President of AEG Europe, owners and operators of The O2, commented: "The success of Mamma Mia! the film in the UK is incomparable. It has successfully brought the infectious music of ABBA to an entirely new generation. My children are already tugging at my sleeve to make sure I get them tickets for what will be a brilliant afternoon out."

Simon Hewlett, Managing Director of Universal Pictures International added: "Universal Pictures are delighted that The O2 will be staging these epic screenings. Watching Mamma Mia! The Movie with a large audience is one of the most uplifting experiences you can imagine and an audience at The O2 is as big as it gets.’"

Mamma Mia! will be shown twice at The O2 on 24 January with both an afternoon and evening viewing.

Tickets for the screening are on sale now via or by calling 0844 856 0202


  • Sorry- aren’t they MIKING THIS just a bit TOO much…?? ABBA did not take them up on gigs at the 02 …SO NOW WE HAVE THIS…!!! A bit desperate methinks!! 😉

  • I have just come back from my very first visit inside the 02 arena and was blown away by how fantastic it was. I had been to the ‘dome’ before but never inside the arena for an event. It is a great world class venue. Incidentally it was for the ATP tour championships and I saw Robin Soderling (another famous Swede) playing!
    Can we not, as fans, just really appreciate the fact that we are being spoilt by all these Abba events (Kristina in New York, Thank Abba for the music in Hyde Park and now Mamma Mia at the 02) and not fret about ‘milking’ the situation? It seems that some people are never satisfied. If you don’t like the fact that we are being allowed to have fun to celebrate our four favorite Swedes’ music then simply don’t spend your money and stay at home!!! I will be there loud and proud!!!!

  • I’m a huge ABBA fan, but even I don’t comprehend the magnitude of their contribution to the music and culture of the last 40 years. Bjorn keeps saying the tsunami will eventually assuage and drain off, but I don’t see it. I have a feeling that 100 years from now ABBA songs will still be performed.

  • Hi,
    Sorry for any offence…blimey!!! I have been to see Kristina in NYC ..loved it!! And seen Mamma Mia stage musical 4 times- once in NYC , and the film, and got the DVD, and was at Hyde Park..I just think Mamma Mia has run it’s course..Oh- and I LOVE the O2 ..AND ABBA ..for 32 years.

  • If they fill the place then it will be quite atmosphere but expect I will save money for spending on Kristina tickets first but as it is a weekend so travel to the O2 should be slightly easier who knows.
    Only comment I would make is I do wonder is how many Mamma Mia fans of the show or film really connect with ABBA the group, with Mamma Mia being around for longer than ABBA and being a very active brand in its own right. The lack of any promotion by the group together and the highlighting of Benny and Bjorn as the creative force behind ABBA rather than the foursome we love. Its great people love the songs and they have become so highly regardless but I do wonder if Mamma Mia will in the end become more reconised with the songs than the original group.
    PS the two 2 disc re-release of the DVD is charting well over here so guess it must be getting up to 7 million copies sold in UK?

  • Exactly StephenUK!!! Totally agree!! I often say to people I love ABBA and they say "Oh we love their movie!" and I go "ABBA THe Movie- yeah!" and they go "No…never heard of that…didn’t know they did a film..I am talking about Mamma Mia"…so yes, Mamma Mia is taking over ABBA’s own legacy..

  • Impressive timing, since the ABBAWORLD museum exhibit at Earls Court will open three days later. This will be quite an action packed week for fans who will be arriving from the world over. Let’s hope the boys and both girls are there for the exhibit opening, standing together for that elusive photo op!

  • MAMMA MIA screening as part of Chiswick House Gardens Open Air Film Festival – June 23 2010
    Announcing Mamma Mia as the headline film at this year’s first-ever Open Air Film Festival at Chiswick House and Gardens, west London.
    Gates open at 7.30 p.m. Screening approx 9.50 p.m.
    With additional entertainment – Nana Mouskouri tribute act, Ceri Dupress.
    Buy tickets from Further details at

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