2009 – what a year for Benny, Björn and ABBA fans?!

The year kicked off with the news that icethesite had won ABBA Plaza’s ABBA Site of the Year award for 2008! 

ABBA fans didn’t have long to wait until the year started showing real promise as one to remember for fans.

Here are some of the highlights…we had:

  • Agnetha and Frida appearing together on stage in Sweden to accept an award on behalf of ABBA 
  • Mamma Mia! featured at the Oscars
  • a brand new design for the official ABBA site
  • the 10th anniversary of Mamma Mia! on stage in London with Benny and Björn in attendance
  • a new Benny and Björn interview on the Elaine Paige BBC radio show
  • Second Best To None – B&B’s song performed by the staff at Benny’s Rival Hotel was released, closely followed by…
  • the single Story Of A Heart
  • tickets went on sale for Kristina – A Concert Event at Carnegie Hall in New York and a live recording was announced
  • icethesite hosted the first ever public viewing of the CHESS In Concert DVD trailer
  • ABBA The Museum folded and then we had to get our heads around the concept of ABBAWorld
  • ABBA were in the headlines again, when rumours about them covering Michael Jackson’s 50 dates at the O2 Arena started to circulate
  • everywhere you turned in the UK, whether it was on TV, radio or in the printed and online media, Benny was being interviewed! (The One Show, the Ken Bruce show, the Steve Wright Show, Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the Mail, the Telegraph, Metro, Magic 105.4, Radio 4’s Front Row, Europe Today, BBC Breakfast…)
  • The Benny Andersson Band played the most incredible concert live on Hampstead Heath
  • The Benny Andersson Band’s album Story Of A Heart was released (reaching the Top 30 albums in the UK on the week when the album chart was full of the late Michael Jackson’s albums)
  • a huge celebration of the music of ABBA took place in Hyde Park (with Benny and Björn) and attracted 35,000 people
  • Benny Anderssons Orkester toured Sweden
  • CHESS in Concert – Live at the Royal Albert Hall was released on CD and DVD
  • Björn took part in CNN’s series MyCity_MyLife showing off the beauty of Stockholm
  • Kristina från Duvemåla (Kristina in Engish) received its English language debut over two nights at New York’s prestigious Carnegie Hall
  • Mamma Mia! celebrated 8 years on Broadway
  • ABBA in Japan (the long sought after footage – and then some!) was released on DVD
  • icethesite broke the news that ABBA were to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

And now here we are, only a few weeks from the end of 2009 and already 2010 is shaping up well!

ABBAWorld opens in London on 27 January and will tour the world, Benny Anderssons Orkester are nominated for a Swedish Grammy, Kristina – Live at Carnegie Hall will be released in the Spring, and whilst BAO won’t tour Sweden, Kristina in concert will play in London and tickets will go on sale for the stage show in Swedish to be performed in Helsinki’s Swedish Theatre, Finland in 2012.

Oh…and two incredibly talented Swedish songwriters are planning to start writing a new musical…


  • Highlights, highlights, highlights.
    I agree – what a year!

  • I so agree – for me, the absolute highlight was the Hampstead Heath event, making eye contact with Benny and receiving a huge grin, the great crowd and atmosphere, seeing all my friends having fun, not to mention Mr Ice’s Blue and Yellow ‘Swedish’ shoes…..what a great event and a fantastic year !!

  • I’ve been an ABBA fan since ’74 and saw them at Wembley in ’79, but I have to say this was the best year ever.
    I was lucky enough to have been there for the MM 10th Anniversary performance, Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and Kristina concerts. It is a year I will certainly never ever forget. Thank you to everyone at ABBA fan club for organising tickets etc and of course to icethesite for all the news.
    Here’s to 2010!

  • Couldn’t agree more what a year, well we know some things which will happen in 2010. But who knows what lies ahead. Thank you Ice for the great information. Hope to see you in London.
    Well not only Ice, hope to see many of you in January.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    love Anita Notenboom (ABBA Fanclub)

  • It has certainly been a fantastic A-B-B-A year! And already some exciting stuff lined up for next year.

    Now, what happened to all those people who said that ABBA was dead after the Mamma Mia! movie?

    Cute video.

  • Oh yes, a great year! Hampstead Heath concert was just a brilliant, brilliant day. Hyde Park was fun but on a totally different scale. And now I have my ticket for ABBAWorld …

  • Kristina in Helsinki?!?!? Wow! Please tell us more!!!

    Thanks for the great site Ice!

  • Yeah, that was my thought – what’s this about Kristina in Helsinki?! Has been a great year, it seemed like next year would never live up to it but it’s looking like it might possibly be even better!

  • Yes one amazing year for fans.
    My personal highlights were seeing the footage of Agnetha and Frida together at the awards.

    Hearing ‘Story of a heart’ for the first time.

    Attending the Hyde Park tribute concert.

    The highlight for me was the Hampstead Heath concert with BAO/BAB.
    I was at the rehearsal and stayed all day and met Benny and Helen and got to share Swedish flag cake which had been presented by the fan club.I got autographs and my picture with Helen and a piece of the cake.
    The good weather and great fans(who were in fine voice)made it an amazing day.

  • Dear Mr Ice,

    Thank you for a wonderful website. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… you do such a fantastic job for us fans… we are so well informed, and very lucky that you provide such a marvelous service. Yay! :o)

    Yes, it has been a great year! I’m still enjoying ‘ABBA in Japan’, and I’m really looking forward to the ‘Kristina at Carnegie Hall’ album in 2010.

    Cheers from Oz, and Seasons Greetings to all.

    Ta again, Ice!


  • Yes, thanks Ice for making such a great and unexpected year even more enjoyable. I didn’t get to any of the events but it has been the year in which I have ‘caught up’ with my B&B post-Abba collection. I’ve no idea why it has taken me this long to get hold of such wonderful music. Starting in January (seems like only yesterday) with a copy of the original Kristina recording (which I still listen to now of course), I have also added Benny’s two solo albums, all of the BAO/BAB albums, Chess at RAH DVD, Chess at RAH CD, Chess pa Svenska (truly beautiful), the Danish cast version of Chess, a Helen Sjoholm solo album, Louse Pitre solo album, membership of the Fan Club and more! all of it, worth every penny. Oh and I may be getting the Japan DVD for Christmas!

    My only dissapointment, but very minor in the light of everything else, is the lack of a Voulez-Vous Deluxe …

    Looking forward now to 2010 and the Kristina CDs coming out – not really long to go, hope they do manage it in the Spring!


  • Yes It was a great year for ABBA fans! Kristina at Carnegie Hall was a night I’ll never forget. I can’t wait for the cd to be released, it’s a master piece. And finally ABBA get’s into the R&R Hall of Fame…but will any of them show up or perform? Not to sound greety, but is asking Frida and Agnetha to release new cd’s in 2010 to much to ask?
    Ice, Thanks for the fantastic website!

  • The Hampstead heath concert was wonderful, and incredible, I still cant believe they played for nearly three hours, seeing Chess in consort at the cinema, I feel Like I was at the Royal Albert hall.

  • yes a totaly memorable year made it to hyde park in sept to a great nite they certinaly stil can attract large audiences with good music cant wait to eventual release of hyde park concert

  • i`ll NEVER forget the Hampstead Heath concert ever its a day that was memorable for so MANY reasons cant wait for what 2010 brings

  • Yep- abrilliant year…saw B N B at 10th Anniv Mamma Mia, signed my ticket and spoke to me..then met them by chance again in June at Hotel Rival…spoke again and had photo with them..then spoke to Benny in NYC at Carnegie Hall..so for me, this was my "Met Benny n Bjorn Year!" ..all I need for next year is to speak to Frida and Agnetha now!! Herre’s hoping..!! Hugs, Terry XX

  • Clearly, these guys are anything but has-beens. I’m giddy with anticipation about that new musical.

    However, I want to remind Benny that he still needs to write us a piano concerto whenever he can fit it in. 🙂

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