ABBA to be inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Updated)

Ballots were sent to more than 500 voters, who selected the artists to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

To be eligible for nomination into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an act must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. This year’s nominees had to release their first single no later than 1984.

Former inductees include Madonna, Michael Jackson, Queen, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Pink Floyd, John Lennon and The Rolling Stones.


  • About time!

  • At long last ABBA are being recognised for their contibution to music. ABBA’s music has proved itself to be loved worldwide and they continue to inspirational to everyone from U2 to Madonna.Fantastic news and better late than never. Now which members of ABBA will turn up to collect their award?

  • Oh well….they took their time but they got there in the end….at least some decent recognision.

  • Just wondering where you got the news. Have googled news and there is no announcement, only the 10 nominees of which ABBA is one. Wikipedia says announcement doesn’t come until January. But if true, great news.

  • Pleas tell me its not some wax works museum.

  • Excellent news and as always I’m so proud of Abba.
    Just perfect timing with the Exhibition opening soon.
    Congratulations ABBA yet again!!! Love ya..

  • YES! finally ! 23 years after they split up. Can you believe it!? So great!

  • Well it is about time this has been long overdue!!

  • I also wonder from where you got the news (?) cause the results are going to be given on january :S its really sure that they are going to the hall of fame????

  • Congratulations ABBA!

    It comes as no surprise to me that ABBA achieved this honor. I was certain more than 30 years ago that ABBA was about to become one of the biggest acts ever.

  • I work for a record company branch in Philly. This has been heavily rumored in the last few days. Guess it must be true. Congratulations to ABBA – well deserved.

  • At last! Finally! Really well deserved and a "must"!
    I bet they never dreamed of this when they won the eurovision 1974 hoping they maybe could have one hit in the British Charts..
    Congratulations! Megan

  • Finally and how nice that it will be in the 40th year since ‘Hej Gamle Man’ was recorded.

  • Congratulations! Is this motivation enough to reunite at the inductees concert for just a few songs? No concert tour or media promotion required! Then bring the ABBAWORLD exhibition to the US after it leaves London!

  • I am DELIGHTED!!!!ABBA were seen by many as a "bubblegum" pop group who woudn’t come to much…and look at our heros now!!! Even through the 80’s I still adored them, still speaking up for them -as many of ud did…SO, to now see them recognised like this is truly wonderful!! Well done Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny , and Frida…we loved you then…we love you now…and we will love you forever,Terry XXXX

  • This probably a US thing. In Europe people couldn’t care less if ABBA were or weren’t inducted in the hall of fame.

    I sincerely doubt that ABBA will reunite for this.

    Personally, I think it’s nice ABBA finally gets inducted… but a reunion will probably happen at a museum opening in London or Stockholm, not in the US…

    I hope I’m wrong though! 🙂

  • I agree with you visitor1982 that Europeans could care less about the US RRHOF (except maybe some Brits). But, I think ABBA has always wanted more acceptance by Americans (only one number one single, DQ). What would get them more acceptance than a reunion in NYC? We can all hope, right? By the way, I am in the US and was only 5 years old when they stopped in 1983…I think it would be a huge deal!

  • Really fantastic news. Congratulations ABBA! More exciting ABBA news in 2010, we hope.

  • It could be a great marketing idea to Bring Abba world museum in 2010 to the Hall of Fame

  • they deserve all they awards they can get.they have given us all so much pleasure i still love them to bits.davidp.s which other group will be as long as ABBA?

  • Not to throw water on a potentially great thing, but this is the only place, as several others have mentioned, I’ve seen anything about the actual induction.

    I’ll wait for something more official and cast in stone before I start celebrating. It would cap off a great year.

  • Fantastic news!! 😀 😀 😀

  • Induction news: Google "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2010" and there are several articles mentioning ABBA.

  • HOORAY — it’s about time! Can fans get tickets to attend the NY ceremony?

  • @ Jim: The current articles online talk about ABBA’s nomination, not that they have been selected for induction. I too am curious to know where this news is coming from since there has been no formal announcement?

  • I can assure you that ABBA have been selected for induction. The formal announcement will follow. This article is what’s called a scoop.


  • very impressive scoop, ice

  • Well if it is a scoop it is impressive. But there has been no announcement from the RRHOF about inductions and there is not expected to be for a few weeks. Premature celebrations may not help the cause. On the positive side, the reputable HOF observer group,, predicted today that ABBA will be inducted along with Genesis, Kiss, Darlene Love and the Hollies.

  • Could this be the extraordinary event that brings a short but long awaited reunion? Probably not, but it is nice to dream that it might happen and this is long overdue. Now I can lift my personal ban on the R n R Hall of Fame. Even though most of the inductees are some of my favorites, without ABBA there, I was never going. Hope this is true, time will tell. Congrads to the four ABBA members, especially the two women, who made ABBA that special group that comes along once a life time. We miss they voices and at this time of year I still miss a Christmas album from them in English, looking forward to the induction ceremony. Thanks for in info ice.

  • It took the RRHOF years to recognize real rock talent…ABBA. All I can say is this is incredibly exciting and long,long overdue. The greatest rock group in history finally gets recognized in the US.

  • About time too. I wonder if they’re still taking bets.

  • Looking at past inductees, how they have left it so long before inducting ABBA, the contribution to music ABBA have made is vast in comparison,to some of the previous inductees, how did the Dave Clark five get nominated before ABBA,it is unbelievable, so whether ABBA are inducted or not makes no difference, I’ve loved them since 74, they are My Love, My life, and whether they are inducted or not makes not a bit of difference.

  • It is too early to rejoice, folks. There are not any official announcements. We can only pray hard for ABBA to be inducted!
    They have already won the love of several generations, unlike most of the other inductees…
    Their music is still going on unlike most of the other inductees…
    You may sign the petition.

  • Please don’t doubt Ice’s word on this – it is definitely true, as I know it to be so from another independent source. ABBA are in !!! (And about time too!!)

  • Ice: Thanks for your continued great work! You are the #1 ABBA source always and we appreciate it! Let’s all start praying that Agnetha will work up the courage to fly to New York for the ceremony…or take a boat! 🙂

  • Congratulations ABBA!
    Official now per Rolling Stone 🙂


    Perfect! In 2010, I will celebrate my 30th year as an ABBA fan.

  • Maybe Phil collins and Frida ( as they are both chosen with their respective group )could do their duet at the ceremony?

  • Sorry to have doubted you Ice. I just needed to see more than one source before I completely believed it.

    Thanks as always for passing along the good news. Seeing Kristina and having this happen in the space of three months is pretty incredible.

    I’m sure you’ll let us know if and when tickets are available.

  • Now official as per RnRHoF

  • @ Jim: as far as I know the induction ceremony is invitation only and not open to the public.

  • Congratulations, ABBA! It was far too long in coming.

  • Has anyone seen the new Benny interview given to Rolling Stone? interesting and maybe time Agnetha became a fan of cruise ships…we can but hope….
    Also Frida looked great at the ‘Awards for heroes’ in Sweden…..the pics are out there for all to see.

  • The link to Rolling Stone is in the main article.

    Svenska hjältar footage is linked to from the icethesite twitter channel:

  • Better late then never. Can’t wait until 15 March. In this world it is nice to hear good news for once. Congratulations!!!. My advice for what it’s worth, take it all in and enjoy it to the fullest. To ABBA’s US fans the ceremonies will be on the FUSE cable network

  • Rolling Stone. "never say never" Uh oh I’m off on one!! ;0)

  • Hi Ice and ABBA fans,

    This is my first time to contribute a comment on this site, although I’ve been enjoying this site for a long time!

    Firstly, Ice…a site well done and appreciated. If there is a site I sneak a view at every day, it’s this one.

    I just wish to say that it’s an AMERICAN honour for ABBA to finally be recognised in such a big way, although the award is by ABBA standards, no more than a platinum certification. BUT, it means that ABBA has gotten the recognition they were due since eligibilty.

    I’m not amazed by the induction…if ABBA was left out of this nomination forever, something would definitely be amiss with the votes. There are many artists in the induction lists where ABBA tracks leave them sounding like Beethoven. That’s not my point however, it’s the ultimate USA recogntion…finally.

    ICE, again, beautiful site…it makes me smile everyday!

    Best wishes,


  • Wonderful news, better late than never, a well derserved tribute.

  • YAY!!! Woohoo! They’re in!

    And another ABBA-esque connection are in, with Genesis [re: Frida & Phil Collins].

    It’s so wonderful that ABBA have been getting this ‘better-late-than-never’ recognition of recent years by mainstream USA. I wonder if such mainstream recognition started in USA as early as when ABBA were mentioned in the [outtakes?] of Pixar’s ‘A Bug’s Life’ :o)

    Anyhooo… as I was saying… "Yay!" ;o)

    Cheers, Tony.

  • Well…anyone going? It’s not a bad trip from California to New York, but as Ian’s says, it’s by invitation only? BUMMER! I think I will go anyway to just be at the hotel to get a glimpse of them. Rates at the Waldorf are $459USD, pretty pricey, but it’s a beautiful historical hotel. I’ve stayed there a few times in the past. I’ve met Benny and Bjorn, and it would be incredible to see Frida and/or Agnetha. PLEASE AGNETHA, GO!!!! Advise anyone? Should I "take a chance" and go and try to see them at the hotel?

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